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The Bounce Squad

This looked like a fun 24 hours!  A fun video to watch - especially if you are interested in the use of off camera flash.  They captured some really cool images.  Enjoy - and I’ll see you over at after the video.

Smart Photographer In the News For Her Pin-Up Photography

Check out the priceless publicity that this photographer received with a story on her “How to Be a Pin Up Girl” classes featured on NBC in New York. Note:  the audio track is a little off in the video.  Enjoy, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business tips and coaching!

Senior Portrait Shoot - Downtown Urban

Hi Everyone!

I liked yesterday’s video so much that I wanted to post another one from the same talented photographer.  This time, she’s photographing seniors downtown.  I love her style!  Enjoy the video and then come by for more photography business tips and coaching!

Kid’s Portraits - Urban Session Video

Hi There!

Here is a really great video showing a talented photographer at work along with the finished portraits. She is shooting an urban kid’s session in downtown Denver.

Next time you go on a shoot, consider bringing someone along to video it. Then you can have a video like this one to put on your website or blog!

Enjoy the video, and be sure to visit for more photography tips and coaching!

Old Idea Gets This Photographer New Publicity!

Hi There!

Here’s a smart photographer who got on her local news with a “new spin” on portrait photography (unposed portraits).  Is this a new idea?  No.  Was she SMART to spin it that way AND get free publicity on her local news?  YES!  Now she can say that she was featured on the news, have a clip of the segment on her blog and website, and I’m sure she also received more business when people saw the show!  There isn’t any reason you can’t do this, too.  Think of a way to spin what you do into a “newsworthy” segment and get your own free publicity!  Check out the video below (the photographer has some really great shots!), and be sure to stop by for more photography business coaching.

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Unique Idea Gets Celebrity Following For This Photographer

Hi There!

Here is a great example of a photographer thinking outside the box, getting free publicity on TV, and creating a celebrity following.  Pure genius!  You can read the full article by clicking the link below, and be sure to go to for more photography business ideas and coaching.

Here’s the link to the article for Alphabet Photography:

And here are a couple of videos where they were featured on a news program (hello, free publicity!)

Photography Expert Erin Manning on the Today Show - Photos For Online Dating

Hi There!
Thought this was an interesting video discussing portraits and online dating.  Erin Manning gives tips to improve your online portraits.  I like the before and afters!

I think this is a group that really NEEDS professional portraits…are you marketing to online daters?  This is also a great angle for some publicity for YOUR photo studio (get on the news talking about better online portraits!)

Enjoy the video, and remember to check out for more photography business tips and coaching!

Photographer Doing What He Loves

Hi Everyone!

Found this interesting article and wanted to share:  Read about how Jason Oney quit his day-job with Lexmark and is now running a successful wedding and senior photography business.  Click on the link below for the full article:

Remember to stop by for more photography business ideas and coaching!

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Photographer Offering Free Head Shots For Jobless

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a great way to get publicity for your photography business while helping people in need at the same time:  offer free business headshots for job-seekers.  Here’s an article about a photographer who did this:

Remember, for more photography business tips, ideas, and coaching, be sure to stop by!

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Another example of a powerful promotional video for your photo business

Hi Everybody!

Hope you are having a good weekend so far.  I found another really good example of a promotional video for a wedding photography business and wanted to share it with you.  Consider making a similar video and placing it on your website, blog and youtube.  Enjoy the video, and remember to check out when you are ready for even more exciting business and marketing ideas for your photo biz!

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