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840 Street Portraits In One Day

The Annual Guernsey Festival of Photography is set to become one of the world’s most respected festivals of the art. As part of it, Karl Taylor photographed as many people in one day as he could or were willing.

Lighting Ratios

In this video from Digital Photography One on One, you’ll learn about lighting ratios.  Basically, a lighting ratio is the difference between your main (or key) light, and your fill light.  Mark explains it all in the video below.  Enjoy, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and photography business coaching.

Behind the Scenes Surfer Portrait

Found this quick and entertaining surf portrait video and wanted to share.  Looks like they had lots of fun and captured some beautiful images.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photo tips and business coaching.

Newborn Photographers - A book you might enjoy

I was out shopping yesterday and saw this new book by Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden.  I remembered that a while back I posted her interview on the Today show here on the blog, and I really loved her work.  The book is gorgeous and I found it to be very inspirational.  Check out the video below, and there is also a direct link to the book on Amazon.  Enjoy, and remember to come and join us over at the new, improved Shuttermom University for more photography talk, tips, inspiration and coaching!

Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland

Some Photography Tips from Erin Manning

Pro photographer Erin Manning gives some quick tips from her book on how to take better portraits.  Enjoy!

A Cute Toddler and Hard-Working Photographer

Hi There!

I found this video from Ontario child photographer Joanna Wilcox and wanted to share.  I love how she got down on the ground and worked for those shots.  Enjoy the video, and for more photography business tips and resources, be sure to visit Shuttermom University.  See you there!

Beautiful Portraits Using Just One Studio Light

Wanted to share this video on how to use just one studio light for several different lighting effects.  Enjoy, and for more photography business tips, visit me at

Digital Photography - Understanding Light

Understanding light is the key to great photographs.  Here, Karl Taylor explains the four main types of light and how you can improve your digital photography.  Enjoy the video, and be sure to stop by for more photography business tips and coaching, and for more info on natural light portraiture.

Office Portrait Session

Hi There!

In this video, photographer David Tejada goes on location to shoot business portraits in a small office.  Very interesting how he used the frosted glass wall to his advantage.  Enjoy the video!

HDR Photography and Natural Light

Hi There!

Found this article on HDR street photography and natural light and wanted to share.  From the article:

High dynamic range (HDR) complements street photography by allowing you to work under less than ideal lighting conditions, most often without a flash. You are able to keep highlights from being blown out and bring out details in processing that normal raw editors cannot.

Click on the link below for the full article:

Want to know more about natural light portrait photography?  Check out

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