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Bambi Cantrell Interview

Bambi Cantrell gives wedding and portrait photography tips.  Enjoy the video, and be sure to join us over at for more photography business ideas and coaching.

Correctional Officer Turned Photographer

From the article:

The California Department of Correction’s loss is professional photography’s gain.

After graduating from Manteca High in 1993, and inspired by the many members of her family who were in law enforcement, Dolores Baluyut went into the correctional academy for the required six-week training program at that time. As soon as she got her assignment at the maximum-security Salinas State Valley Prison (a level 4 prison compared to DVI’s level 3), it didn’t take long for the newlywed to realize that was not her life’s calling. After only a month and a half working at the state prison in Salinas, she resigned.

To read more about how Dolores started her portrait and wedding photography business, click here.

Partnering with Dentists and Orthodontists to Increase Business

Portrait photographers, here is a way to get new clients by partnering with local dentists and orthodontists in your community. Here is the basic run-down:

1. Offer the dentists or orthodontists gift cards to give to their clients good for a free portrait session and print. This is considered a gift from the dentist / orthodontist, and adds value to their services.

2. The cards should be professionally printed and include the name of the dentist or orthodontist.

3. The cards may be given out when a client gets braces (for a “before” portrait) and again when the braces come off. Be sure to donate a copy of the before and after shots to the orthodontist for display. Once you have enough for an album, donate one of those for the waiting room.

Other occasions for the dentist or orthodontist to give out gift cards would be birthdays, first lost tooth, two years with no cavities, etc. Each card could be custom printed to reflect the occasion.

Once a client comes in to redeem their gift of a session and free print, you can offer them the additional portraits at your regular prices.

If the Dentist / Orthodontist has a facebook page, be sure to tag one of the photos with their name or business name so others can see it. Tag it with the client’s name as well so all of their friends will see it (it should be watermarked with your copyright or logo) Don’t forget to get a model release on all of your portraits.

Do you have more ideas on this topic? Be sure to share them with us!

And remember, there is MUCH more info on the members-only side of Shuttermom University, so be sure to come and join us.

Photographer Creates Dog Photography and Modeling Business

From the article:

What began as a hobby to take Guelphite Joann Pearsall’s mind off her cancer has turned into a thriving photography and dog modeling business.

Operating from home, Pearsall goes to clients with her equipment and sometimes her dog models in tow.

Her photography has been featured in advertisements in 12 dog magazines in the last eight months including Modern Molosser, Canine Chronicle and Dog News.

Click here for the full article, and for more photography business and coaching, be sure to visit (text mycoupon to 82257 for your coupon code).  See you there!

Newborn Photography: Baby Hanging in Fabric

Wondering how to create those fabric “hammocks” (for lack of a better word) for a newborn session?  Watch how this photographer does it in the video below.  Remember to be safe!  Enjoy the video, and be sure to come join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching.  See you there!

Mobile Pet Photography

Kathy McBride, the owner of Pet Shotz animal photography, has created her own mobile pet photography business. From the article:

Kathy McBride has been traveling to residences and businesses alike for several months to photograph both pets and their people and finds “it is well received.”"Many people like the convenience of a home photo shoot, particularly if they want their pets included,” McBride said in a news release. “They are intrigued by the idea of a professional shoot right in the comfort of their own homes or businesses. They especially like the idea of staying home with their animals.”

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join in the fun over at Shuttermom University for more great photography business ideas and tips.  See you there!

Another great behind-the-scenes fusion video

Fusion videos are all the rage.  Basically, photo fusion is when photos and video are combined to make a video.  I love them.  Here is another great behind-the-scenes video from the Bui Brothers.  Enjoy the video, and be sure to stop by for more photography tips and photo biz coaching.  See you there!

Boudoir / Pin-Up Photography Gaining Popularity Among Military Wives

Hi There!  I found this article focusing on how pin-up photography is gaining popularity among military wives and wanted to share it with you. Photographer Angelita Ballada is featured.  From the article:

Boudoir photography harkens back to the pinup photos taken during the World War II era. The trend is popular in Fayetteville, Ballada said, among Army wives such as Bonnagio who have their photos taken in a tasteful but flirty fashion. Often, they’re gifts for their husbands who are deployed overseas.

“That’s actually 95 percent of everybody that comes to me,” Ballada said. “It doesn’t need to be sexy poses. It can be just natural. It’s all about how you portray yourself. You don’t need to wear lingerie to be have boudoir photography. You can wear a sexy dress and heels as long as its about yourself, about your body, about your beauty.”

Click here to read the full article.  And remember, my Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide is now included with your Shuttermom University membership!  Get started today and find tons of marketing ideas and business advice at  See you there!

Behind the scenes photoshoot - iJustine

Some of you may know iJustine…if not, you can see her on YouTube (just search iJustine and you’ll find her!)  Anyhow, here is a fun and entertaining little behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot featuring her.  I LOVE the outdoor shots on the couch…gorgeous!  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and photo biz coaching.

Beauty Salon + Photography Studio = Good Business

Here is a smart businesswoman.  Lory Williams has combined her talents as a cosmetologist and photographer - and her business is booming as a result.  From the article:

Williams is the sole proprietress of Lory Marie Salon & Studio, a combination beauty salon and photography studio located just north of Kingman High School at 4395 N. Bank St., Suite D. Originally just a salon, Williams said she has expanded the business into a photo studio as well in order to take advantage of her longtime love of photography.

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography fun, tips and business coaching!  See you there.

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