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Are your prints dull?

Tired of dull prints?  Mama Shan of PhotoshopMama shows us how to get great color!  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips, lessons, and business coaching.

Photoshop Tip from Jibz Actions for Photographers

One Command For All Your Transforming

The free transform tool is almost like a one stop center for every transforming operations you need such as Rotate, Skew, Flip Horizontal, and other cool stuff like that.

Simply, press Ctrl+T [Mac: Command+T] to bring up the Free Transform handles around your object. Do that right-click [Mac: hold Control + click] inside the bounding box and a pop-up menu will appear with a list of all transformations you can choose from. You also get access to transformations such as Flip Horizontal/Vertical, Rotate 180°, and Rotate 90° Clockwise/Counterclockwise that don’t have keyboard shortcuts at all.


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31 INTENSITY FX senior storyboards
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61 Album Designer actions
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30 Baby planners templates
30 Essential baby templates
30 RAD PACK FX senior templates
30 Artist Series templates
30 Edgy Grunge Templates
37 Student Class templates
152 Grunge border overlays
101 Drag & Drop Quotes & Sayings

12 Free Storyboard fonts
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Photoshop Tip From Jibz - How To Fix A Back Lit Image

Fixing Back lighted Photos

Are your photos too dark when the sun is backlighting your subject?

This is how I fix this problem.

Open a new adjustment layer set to “LEVELS”

In the resulting palette, just carefully move the center marker

on the slide adjuster (LEFT) until the subject is light to suit your tastes.

You may also want to compress slightly in from the left and


Once the subject is acceptable, select a soft-edged brush, and
set the foreground color to WHITE.

Click on the thumbnail square on the Adjustment layer (right thumbnail)
and begin painting the BACKGROUND back in to return it to its original
color/contrast/levels setting.

Remember that WHITE masks the effect, and BLACK allows the effect
to take place.

If the background is too blown away, then you’ll do just the opposite…

To get the background “richer” drag the image to the “New Layer” icon,
and set the resulting new layer to “Multiply”

You should move that layer up and above the adjustment layer created previously.

Now, using the same brush (or one sized more appropriately to the SUBJECT of the photo,) use the ERASER tool to remove the SUBJECT from the Multiplied layer.

If the Multiplied layer is too dark, simply lighten by sliding the Opacity slider to a more transparent setting.

have fun.

For more photoshop tips and actions, visit Jibz at

Some Photoshop Tips from Jibz Actions

More Fun Photoshop Shortcuts.
The following are the Windows shortcuts. For Mac users simply replace the Ctrl with
Command and Alt with Option
Ctrl + 0 - Makes the image fill the workspace
Ctrl + Alt + 0 - Zooms to 100%
Ctrl + + Zooms in
Ctrl + - Zooms out
Ctrl + Home - Takes you to the top left hand corner of the image
Page Down - When you are zoomed in, pressing Page Down will take you exactly one screen down. This seems obvious but I find that it saves time over holding the space bar and dragging the image.
Page Up - Just like above but takes you up a screen
Ctrl + Page Down - This takes you one screen to the right
Ctrl + Page Up - You guessed it. This takes you one screen to the left
Holding the space bar - As mentioned above if you hold down the space bar you can drag your zoomed image location wherever you want.
Ctrl + A - Selects everything in the active layer
Ctrl + D - De-selects everything
Ctrl + H - Hides the selection
Ctrl + Shift + I - Selects the inverse
Ctrl + T - Activates Free Transform for the layer or selection
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Each action creates 5 colored backgrounds instantly,
Choose any of the 5 background colors
Colors are
Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Taupe, Cream
Jibz Album Designer action kit creates:
24-10×10’s with various picture openings
24- 8×10’s with various picture openings
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Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Grungy Background

Hi There!

Hope all of you here in the U.S had a great Thanksgiving!  Here is a helpful PhotoShop tutorial on how to create a grungy background.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at for more info on how to boost your photography business!

Create a Christmas Background With Photoshop

Enjoy the following photoshop tutorial on creating a Christmas background in photoshop, then head on over to for more photography business ideas and coaching.

Photoshop Mama Tutorial

Hi There!

In this photoshop tutorial by Photoshop Mama, she shows us how to isolate a subject.  Enjoy the video, and stop by for more photography business ideas, tips and coaching!

Aerial Photography, Anyone?


Wow - now, thanks to a company called SkyShutter, you don’t need to climb aboard an airplane or helicopter in order to be an aerial photographer.  Don’t miss some of their sample images on their website!  Here is the link to the article:

Enjoy the article, and stop by if you are ready for more photography business tips, ideas and coaching!

Want to find out how I created the image on the left (along with that home-made bridge)?  You’ll find out when you claim your lifetime membership to Fairy Portrait Magic!  Fairy portrait events are a great way to make more money with your photography business.  Go to to find out more.

New Photoshop Mama Video - Create A Promo Card

How to create a promo card template, do a popout and create a set of production Actions - new video from Photoshop Mama.  Enjoy the video at the end of this post, and remember to check out for more photography business coaching and tips!

Don’t miss the Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide - click on the image below for full details

Photoshopping Eyes - Tutorial

Want brighter, more saturated eyes in your portraits?  Check out this tutorial on how to get this effect by using Photoshop - and remember to go to for photography business coaching, tips, ideas, and help.  Thanks!  Enjoy the video!

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