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MCP Fusion Is Here!

Have you heard? The MCP Fusion Action Set is here, and boy, will you want these! Totally user friendly, your images will improve and you’ll get those much sought-after looks with just one click.

The best part about the fusion set is that 2 or more actions can be mixed together for hundreds of unique looks.

Get a look at some great examples below.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You won’t regret purchasing these - I absolutely LOVE mine!

Click here to order yours!

What’s new from Jibz?

NEW: Hollywood Eyes
Enhance eyes with custom ringlights

Ringlights are used in beauty, glamour and portrait photography
and cost a fortune to buy. With Jibz Hollywood eyes you get 10 custom ringlight looks to give your portraits that ringlight look for just $19.99

Simply drag on one of 10 Hollywood ringlights to give your eyes that Hollywood look!
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Announcing our newest collection of
Pro Photoshop actions!
Set 3 is a 20 action mini collection. Loaded with 20 fresh Photoshop actions.

20 Photoshop actions to create unique images.
just $19.99
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Jibz Posh Panels

Jibz Posh Panels storyboard collection!

Create a Posh storyboard in minutes with Jibz easy to load Posh Panel Storyboard collection
25 uniquely custom designed storyboards.
Simply load your images to create a Posh Panel your customers will love!

New this week from Jibz Actions

Senior and wedding template set

19 new templates to give your studio an edge over competition!
19 easy load templates
8 free storyboard fonts
Jibz insert photo action
Simple to use just paste images in picture openings, edit the text, save and print.
Studios that offer digital storyboards know how profitable they can be.
The Cut Graph - X Senior collection makes it so quick & easy to create fresh
storyboards with variety.
Your seniors and couples will love you!

All templates are layered and fully editable in any version
of Photoshop or Elements,  PC or Mac.

Take me to this set.

Jibz Actions for Photographers

My friends over at Jibz are having a summer sale!  Jibz is a great place to get photoshop actions!

Purchase THE WORKS Bundle and get the digital download of our highly effective Stages Baby Plan FOR FREE!

Winner of the MCP Action Set

Congratulations to Julie N!  She won the action set from MCP.  Julie, be on the lookout for an email from me.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and stay tuned for next week’s giveaway - you’re gonna love it!

Photoshop Tip From Jibz - How To Fix A Back Lit Image

Fixing Back lighted Photos

Are your photos too dark when the sun is backlighting your subject?

This is how I fix this problem.

Open a new adjustment layer set to “LEVELS”

In the resulting palette, just carefully move the center marker

on the slide adjuster (LEFT) until the subject is light to suit your tastes.

You may also want to compress slightly in from the left and


Once the subject is acceptable, select a soft-edged brush, and
set the foreground color to WHITE.

Click on the thumbnail square on the Adjustment layer (right thumbnail)
and begin painting the BACKGROUND back in to return it to its original
color/contrast/levels setting.

Remember that WHITE masks the effect, and BLACK allows the effect
to take place.

If the background is too blown away, then you’ll do just the opposite…

To get the background “richer” drag the image to the “New Layer” icon,
and set the resulting new layer to “Multiply”

You should move that layer up and above the adjustment layer created previously.

Now, using the same brush (or one sized more appropriately to the SUBJECT of the photo,) use the ERASER tool to remove the SUBJECT from the Multiplied layer.

If the Multiplied layer is too dark, simply lighten by sliding the Opacity slider to a more transparent setting.

have fun.

For more photoshop tips and actions, visit Jibz at

Some Photoshop Tips from Jibz Actions

More Fun Photoshop Shortcuts.
The following are the Windows shortcuts. For Mac users simply replace the Ctrl with
Command and Alt with Option
Ctrl + 0 - Makes the image fill the workspace
Ctrl + Alt + 0 - Zooms to 100%
Ctrl + + Zooms in
Ctrl + - Zooms out
Ctrl + Home - Takes you to the top left hand corner of the image
Page Down - When you are zoomed in, pressing Page Down will take you exactly one screen down. This seems obvious but I find that it saves time over holding the space bar and dragging the image.
Page Up - Just like above but takes you up a screen
Ctrl + Page Down - This takes you one screen to the right
Ctrl + Page Up - You guessed it. This takes you one screen to the left
Holding the space bar - As mentioned above if you hold down the space bar you can drag your zoomed image location wherever you want.
Ctrl + A - Selects everything in the active layer
Ctrl + D - De-selects everything
Ctrl + H - Hides the selection
Ctrl + Shift + I - Selects the inverse
Ctrl + T - Activates Free Transform for the layer or selection
Hot deal of the month!

FREE!!!  PHOTOSHOP ACTION SET with any purchase.
Jibz Album Creator Photoshop action set*.
Create 61 multi-color album pages for weddings albums, baby books,
scrap booking, and storyboards.
Each action creates 5 colored backgrounds instantly,
Choose any of the 5 background colors
Colors are
Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Taupe, Cream
Jibz Album Designer action kit creates:
24-10×10’s with various picture openings
24- 8×10’s with various picture openings
12-10×20’s full page or wall panel actions
1-16×20 template

Designed for Photoshop 7-CS4 *not for Elements
Free with any purchase! $39.99 value.

Photoshop Shortcuts and Tips

Thank you to Jibz Actions for Photographers for the following tips:

Photoshop Shortcuts
The following are the Windows shortcuts. For Mac users simply replace the Ctrl with Command and Alt with Option.

1. [ - Makes brush size smaller
2. ] - Makes brush size larger
3. Ctrl + J - Copies the current layer
4. Ctrl + Shift + N - Creates a new empty layer
5. Ctrl + N - Opens a new image
6. Ctrl + O - Opens an existing image
7. Ctrl + Z - Probably the most frequently used Photoshop shortcut… Undo

Want to save the time from loading All your Photoshop brushes, when your Photoshop accidentally forgets to load them up (happens to me sometimes)? Select the brush tool, and click the little arrow pointing right (located at the top toolbar), next to the Master Diameter tick. Go down to Preset Manager and now there should be a menu of all the brushes currently loaded. Click on the first brush (top left) and scroll down to the bottom. Now hold Shift and click the last brush (bottom right). This should highlight all the brushes. See the “Save Set” to the right in the menu? Click that and name your brush set whatever you want, for this matter I just name it All (so I remember that this brush set contains all the brushes I currently have loaded, and is located near the top when loading the brushes up).

Need to locate a layer quick? Use the Move Tool (V) and right click on the area the object lays. There should now be a “cursor-menu” with all the layers that is in that particular area. Now take a good guess and see which one of them fits the shoe; select a layer and Ctrl-Click the layer in the Layer Palette - see if the selection traces the object you desired to edit/find. Useful for those messy people (i.e. me!).Need to get rid of a background quick? Assuming you at least know how to crop around an object, do so. Now press Ctrl+I or Shift+Ctrl+I for Inverse Selection. Press Ctrl+X to %@#!* that part out, and you should be left with the object!

Are you looking for Pro wedding and portrait Photoshop actions, baby plan marketing kits or edgy senior templates maybe Drag & Drop sloppy edges all at an amazingly low price with Instant downloads?
Then check us out!

$AVE $99.00
When you grab THE Works Package
We’ll throw in
Stages Baby Plan for FREE!

That’s a $99.00 savings!
This is our biggest sale of the  year!

Jibz Actions for Photographers

My friends over at Jibz have a new product that I wanted to share with all of you.  Check it out below.

New For Fall 2009

“Drag & Drop” Inspirational Quotes, Sayings & Poems

Just “Drag & Drop” one of over 100 inspirational quotes, saying or poems
onto your image to create a more profitable portrait or custom greeting card.

STEP 1: Open your image.
STEP 2: Choose a inspiration saying.
STEP 3: Drag the saying onto your image
STEP 4: Adjust size or change color.
STEP 5: Flatten.
It’s that simple!

Quotes for:
Baby girl
Baby Boy
New parents sayings and more.

High Resolution PSD “Drag & Drop” Quotes, Sayings and Poems designed for all Photoshop &
Elements versions.
Add quotes to images, storyboards or custom greeting cards. Change quote to any color.

Includes 101 Hi-res PSD “Drag & Drop” Quotes, Sayings & Poems.
Introductory price.
just $19.99

This set was created after we noticed that nearly every customer our studio had would
purchase even an average looking image if there was a sweet or inspirational quote on it.
So we created this set of 101 sayings, quotes and poems.

The best part is, it just takes seconds to drag the quote onto the image resize and flatten.

I invite you to visit our site to see examples
Thanks Jibz

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