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Black and White Photography Lighting

In this episode, Mark explains how to best light a subject for black and white photography and get dramatic results. Learn how adjusting the position of light can change contrast in relation to the subject. Mark walks you through studio exercises to fully illustrate the relationship of shape and color.

Bambi Cantrell Interview

Bambi Cantrell gives wedding and portrait photography tips.  Enjoy the video, and be sure to join us over at for more photography business ideas and coaching.

Jasmine Star Video

Check out this gorgeous video from Jasmine Star.  What a great marketing piece for her business!  Love this!

Photographer Cares For Senior Citizens - Creates Memory Books

For 26 years, Melanie Arnold has been immortalizing lifetime milestones for people as a professional photographer.

For just as long, the 49-year-old Brookhaven resident has had a special place in her heart for the elderly. She particularly cherishes memories of her paternal grandmother who lived to be 100.

“I was never really taking care of people, I was just taking them out and getting them out of the house and having a good time with them. I’ve always loved the elderly,” said Arnold.

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography inspiration!

36 Photographers, 16 Models, Lots of fun!

Photographers and models wanting to beef up their portfolios recently met in Naples for a fun photo shoot.  From the article:

Each of the models was set up at a “station” on the church grounds, along the lake shore, under the gazebo, or in the woods along Unity’s meditation walk. It made for a somewhat surreal experience, to stroll through the thick vegetation and, every 50 feet or so, encounter another gorgeous girl dressed for the altar.

The “brides,” plus additional models wearing long prom dresses rather than wedding gowns, remained at their stations, while the photographers rotated around the area, to be able to capture shots of each. Photographers paid $50 for the session; the models weren’t paid monetarily, but received photos from each shooter to help build their portfolios.

Click here for the full article, and remember to stop by Shuttermom University for ideas on how to increase your photo business.  See you there!

10 year old photographer

Elias Rodriguez is your typical 10-year-old boy, except for the fact that he recently started his own photography business.

From the article:

“My mom bought this camera for herself and said I could use it any time I liked. That’s how it started off, to tell you the truth,” he said, rattling off the Nikon P100 specs like a pro. “I just thought I’d take photos for fun but I ended up with a business.”

For the full article, click here.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to stop by Shuttermom University for more photography tips and photo business coaching!  See you there.

A Fresh Angle On Wedding Photography From A Husband and Wife Team

From the article:

“She’s smokin’” were the words that ran through Jeff Youngren’s mind when he saw a photo of Erin, a freshman that Jeff’s college friend had been trying to set him up with. It took another three months for him to convince her that she wanted to date him. She worked in the library at Point Loma Nazarene University where they both attended; he would come in and checkout scholarly books to impress her. She agreed to a date and two and a half years later, they were married.

So how did a biology-chemistry major and a literature major become the dynamic San Diego-based wedding-photographer duo? It all started when Jeff’s dad handed his ten-year-old son a camera.

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography business ideas and coaching.  See you there!

From Waiting Tables To Photography Business

Natalie Sinisgalli, a 25-year-old Rochester Institute of Technology graduate runs a photography studio in Honeoye Falls, where she employs an office manager, hosts client meetings, edits images and orders prints.  Her career has evolved from waiting tables and temp work a few years ago to owning her own business.

Click here for the full interview and video.

For more photography business ideas and tips, be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University.  See you there!

Turn your purse into a customized camera bag

Check out how this smart photographer turned a designer purse into a fashionable camera bag!  Her total cost was just $52, and she has a one of a kind camera bag.  Click here to see the pictures and find out how she did it.

I’ve seen some super-cute oversized bags at Target lately and was thinking about how they would make great camera bags with a little modification.  Maybe I’ll give it a try!

Enjoy, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more photo tips and photography business coaching.  See you there!

Great Wedding Photography Biz Promo Example

I loved this promo video from Maine Wedding Photographer Andree Kehn, who specializes in contemporary photojournalist wedding photography in the Western Mountains of Maine.  What a great video to add to her website and blog.  You feel like you know her after watching it.  I’m sure it has done great things for her business!  For more photography business marketing ideas and tips, be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University.  See you there!

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