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Mom Turns Hobby into a Business

From the article:

Who: Tonya Teran, Tonya Teran Photography

What: Custom photography specializing in newborn, baby, children and family portraits.

Where: Her studio located in her home’s spare bedroom in Rockville, MD. During warmer months, photo sessions often take place outside. She also travels to clients’ homes for shoots, particularly for newborn sessions.

When: Often has about three photo sessions per week or during the weekend. Most of her editing/computer work is done during her daughter’s nap time or at night.

How: After her daughter was born in May 2008, Teran said she wanted to get a camera that was fast enough to capture her new family. She started reading photography forums and learning how to use her camera, which she purchased in November 2009. That winter, she practiced on her daughter.

For the full article, click here

For more info on starting your own photography business, be sure to visit Shuttermom University.

Photo Event To Benefit Animal Shelter

Here is a great example of how photographers can help out the community and get more business at the same time.  This photographer is holding a pet photo weekend where everyone who participates makes a $10 donation to the animal shelter.  Participants receive a “free” 5×7 portrait of their pet.  It doesn’t say, but I imagine that the photographer makes additional portraits available to each participant for a price.  This is a great way to get your business name out there and help the community at the same time.  For the full article, click here.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to come over to Shuttermom University for more photography business ideas and coaching.  See you there!

See How This Photographer Built Her Business Using Social Media

Hi There!  Found this article and wanted to share. Read about how photographer Mary Kate McKenna is using the power of social media (especially Twitter and Facebook) to make friends in a new town and increase her photography business at the same time.  From the article:

McKenna said she can track 100 percent of her business in Frederick back to her Twitter account. She tweets several times a day from her iPhone, posts weekly blog entries and regularly updates her business Facebook profile.

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more info on how to increase your photo business using the power of social media (and more!)  See you there.

Lighting Ratios

In this video from Digital Photography One on One, you’ll learn about lighting ratios.  Basically, a lighting ratio is the difference between your main (or key) light, and your fill light.  Mark explains it all in the video below.  Enjoy, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and photography business coaching.

The Princess Portrait Theme Studio Set

Here is a quick video showing you my set for the princess themed portraits.  For the full info on how to create, market and sell these portraits (and how to conduct a portrait event for your business), be sure to join us on Shuttermom University!  So far I’ve uploaded some sample images, a video showing you how to make your own rock wall prop, and information on how to order the custom background and princess dresses.  More info is coming soon, so stay tuned for that!  Enjoy the video and we’ll see you over at Shuttermom University.

PS:  Members of S.U:  to see all the info, log into the forum and go to the “photography tutorials” section.

Quinceañera portrait shoot - great video!

This video was produced by dotDV for one of LA’s most popular wedding photographers, Ramiro Gaytan of Gaytan Productions.  It was fun to watch, and the final images are gorgeous.  Please note that I do not advocate shooting on rail road tracks.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching.  Thanks!

Q and A With Shuttermom: How To Get More People To Your Blog

I received this question from the suggestion box:

Q:  How do I attract people to my blog and encourage them to become a follower or subscriber?

A:  Excellent question!  To attract more people to your blog:

1.  Be sure to post image previews from recent sessions (three or four images).  This way, the client will come to view the photos, and will also tell all of their friends/family to go to the blog to see the previews.

2.  Post a couple of images on your facebook page, and tag the photos with the client’s facebook name.  This way, all of their facebook friends will see the images (and a link to your blog).

3.  Write and post articles on your blog, too.  Content such as “what to wear for your photo session,” or “what to expect from your wedding photographer” are good starters.  The search engines LOVE original content.

4.  Be sure to tag all of your posts with keywords that will get your blog found easier.  Examples would be “Austin wedding photographer,” or “Phoenix maternity photographer.”

How to encourage people to subscribe to your blog or newsletter:

1. Make it super-easy.  Have your sign up form in an obvious place where it is easy to find.

2.  Give people a reason to subscribe (such as a discount on their session fee or a free 8×10 with their first session)

What other things can you think of?  Be sure to leave your comments!  Thanks.

David Sutton Talks Pet Photography

In this video, photographer David Sutton talks about his pet photography.  See him working with subjects and also get a glance at the results.  Enjoy!

Promote Your Photography Business On Flickr

Hi There!

Found this interesting article on promoting your business with Flickr and wanted to share.  Click on the link below for the full article, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business tips and coaching!

Promoting Your Business On Flickr - Full Article

Have You Tried Using The “Zoom Effect?”

Here’s a neat trick that gives you a different effect when taking a picture - it’s called the “zoom effect.”

From the article:

If you want to have a little fun with your digital camera next time you go out with it have a go at experimenting with the zoom effect.

In essence, the zoom effect is a picture that looks like the subject is either moving towards or away from you with motion lines.

Read “Mastering the Zoom Effect” here

Enjoy the article, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business tips and coaching!

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