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Beauty Salon + Photography Studio = Good Business

Here is a smart businesswoman.  Lory Williams has combined her talents as a cosmetologist and photographer - and her business is booming as a result.  From the article:

Williams is the sole proprietress of Lory Marie Salon & Studio, a combination beauty salon and photography studio located just north of Kingman High School at 4395 N. Bank St., Suite D. Originally just a salon, Williams said she has expanded the business into a photo studio as well in order to take advantage of her longtime love of photography.

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography fun, tips and business coaching!  See you there.

Behind the Scenes Surfer Portrait

Found this quick and entertaining surf portrait video and wanted to share.  Looks like they had lots of fun and captured some beautiful images.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photo tips and business coaching.

New Giveaway This Week

Hi Everyone!

It’s Monday…time for a new giveaway!    This week I’m happy to be giving away one free membership to my popular Fairy Portrait Magic site.  Fairy portrait events are a fun and exciting way to get new clients and spread a word of mouth buzz about your photography business.  The membership includes info on marketing, creating, and selling fairy themed children’s portraits.  Check out the video below to see exactly what’s included (you can skip ahead to 1:26 in the timeline to begin the tour):

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Finally, be sure to enter your name and email into the blue Contest Machine box below, and leave a comment telling everyone you entered!  Giveaway ends Friday at noon eastern time.  Good luck!

What to do when clients procrastinate?

You had a great shoot and captured some fantastic images. The client raved about
how much she loved them, but it has now been over a month and still no order. Sound
familiar? Here are some tips to get clients to complete their orders in a timely manner:

1. Charge session fees
Most of you probably already do this, which is good. If you don’t charge session
fees, and then the clients don’t place an order, you are simply out of luck (and
money !). You NEED and DESERVE to be paid for your time and talent. The
session fee is a way to make sure that this happens.
Some photographers go the route of charging a very large session fee, and then
charging very low print prices. This way, they make their money up front (for their
time and talent), and do not have to rely on selling prints or packages.

2. Build print credits into your session fees
Building a print credit into your session fee encourages your client to order, and it
also guarantees that you are being paid (at least for a few prints) even if the
client is slow to order. I would recommend doing at least $50 as a print credit.
So, for example, if your session fee is $150, then $50 of that goes toward a print
credit. Make this clear to your clients so that they understand. This credit can be
applied to a package or ala carte prints.

3. Show proofs in person
It has been proven that your sales increase when you show proofs in person
(projection is optimal). The emotional impact goes way down with an online
gallery only. Ideally, you should strive to take orders immediately after the proof
showing, but of course this isn’t always going to happen. If you can, show
projected proofs in person, and THEN make the online gallery available so that
they can complete their orders at home.

4. Limit the number of proofs that you show
I would say no more than 10 to 15 images. When you offer too many images,
the client simply has too hard a time making a decision (especially if some of the
images are very similar). Narrow down the options, and the client will have an
easier time ordering.

5. Enforce deadlines
Have deadlines in place and then enforce them. Don’t cave. Offer to have
their online gallery up for one week, and then start charging a hosting fee. Also,
if you offer a print credit, have an expiration date when that credit will expire.

6. Give incentives for ordering on time
Tell your clients that they will save 10% or so by ordering within 5 days. After that,
no discount will be offered. Make sure they are very clear on this (state it in your
contract and remind them). If you don’t want to do a discount, you could offer
them an additional free print if their order is completed within your chosen

7. Remind them by email, phone, or postcard
First reminder – at the in person proof session
Second reminder – email or call after two days to see if they need assistance
Third reminder – the day before the gallery or discount expires (phone call is

Bottom line: don’t feel like the bad guy for having and enforcing policies. You are
in business to make money. If you clearly state all of your policies (and go over
them in person with the client), then there should be no arguments about time
frames and ordering.

Like this blog post?  It was taken directly from Shuttermom University! For more photography business and technical tips, come join in the fun.  See you there!

Photographer puts together charity calendar

Photographer Kalya Ellis produced a calendar to promote her new photography business while raising funds for a good cause.  Charity calendars are a great idea to help your community while building your business at the same time!  You can read the full article by clicking the link below:

Enjoy the article, and be sure to join in the fun at Shuttermom University for more photography tutorials and business tips!  See you there!

Quinceañera portrait shoot - great video!

This video was produced by dotDV for one of LA’s most popular wedding photographers, Ramiro Gaytan of Gaytan Productions.  It was fun to watch, and the final images are gorgeous.  Please note that I do not advocate shooting on rail road tracks.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching.  Thanks!

Gorgeous Urban Family Portraits From Sam Puc’

Hi There!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I found this new video from Sam Puc’, and wanted to share.  It is a gorgeous urban family photo session.  I like how she mixed video clips in with the slideshow.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business tips and coaching.

Using flash to boost outdoor portraits

How To Do Fairy Themed Portrait Events

How To Do Fairy Themed Portrait Events

Sometimes, a flash is needed to properly expose your subject and to eliminate harsh shadows. In this video, Gordon explains exactly how to do it. Enjoy!

Watch A Photographer Doing An Engagement Shoot

Professional wedding photographer Pieter Van Impe photographing an engagement session.  Enjoy the videos, and be sure to go to to get your photography business booming!

Old Idea Gets This Photographer New Publicity!

Hi There!

Here’s a smart photographer who got on her local news with a “new spin” on portrait photography (unposed portraits).  Is this a new idea?  No.  Was she SMART to spin it that way AND get free publicity on her local news?  YES!  Now she can say that she was featured on the news, have a clip of the segment on her blog and website, and I’m sure she also received more business when people saw the show!  There isn’t any reason you can’t do this, too.  Think of a way to spin what you do into a “newsworthy” segment and get your own free publicity!  Check out the video below (the photographer has some really great shots!), and be sure to stop by for more photography business coaching.

Ready to make more money with your portrait photography business?  Fairy themed portraits are the hot trend and are fun to do!  I’ll tell you how to create, market and sell fairy portraits with your very own fairy portrait events!  Go to right now to find out more.

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