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One Photographer’s Fight To Get Her Facebook Account Restored

When Facebook had a problem with photographer Laura Eckert posting her childbirth images, she was able to get her account restored with the help of the media.

From the article:

They (Facebook) took one look at childbirth photographer Laura Eckert’s pics and kicked her straight off the site. So how does one stay-at-home mom make a multibillion-dollar empire cry uncle?

For the full story of how this photographer took on Facebook and won, click here.  For even more on this story, click here.

Another Fun and Inspiring Engagement Session

Here is another great “behind the scenes” video of an engagement session from E.B.F. Productions.   Some really beautiful photography!  Enjoy, and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway from Photographer Cafe!

Music on photography websites? Yes or no?

Personally, I love music on photography websites and blogs. However, I do understand that it may be a problem for some people (especially if they are surfing your site at work…and don’t want anyone to know!). So, what do you think? How do you feel about music on photography business websites and blogs? Leave your comments below, and thanks!

How To Build Your Brand Using Twitter

Dan Schawbel wrote a very informative and helpful guide to building your brand using the social networking tool Twitter.  His blog post includes a guide on creating a Twitter marketing plan, how to utilize third party applications to better help you manage Twitter, and how to form a Twitter “mastermind group.”  I think you’ll find this info very helpful - especially if you are new to Twitter or aren’t sure how or why it is good for your business.  For the full article, click here.

For more ideas and tips for your photography business, be sure to visit us at Shuttermom University.  See you there!

Example of Great PR for Your Photography Business

Here is a good example of a great PR piece in a local paper, about a local photographer.  There is no reason why you couldn’t get an article written about your business, too!  From the article:

When Tracy Moore photographs children, it helps that she thinks of herself as a big kid.

“I get to do what I want to put smiles on kids’ faces,” she said, so she’s not above making faces, cooing and laughing to elicit the perfect portrait pose from her subjects.

Because she photographs mostly children, she also has to be patient, providing the child time out for feeding or just a break from the probing lens of her camera. The hardest part is getting them warmed up to you in the first half-hour, she said.

For the full article, click here, and for more photography business ideas and coaching, be sure to visit Shuttermom University.

Behind the Scenes of Engagement Session In Yosemite

I love this video!  Taken against the gorgeous backdrop of Yosemite National Park, this photographer created some outstanding images.  Enjoy the video, and for more photography business tips and coaching, be sure to join us on Shuttermom University.  See you there!

Your Photography Business: The Pre-Session Consultation

The best way to ensure good communication with your clients is by conducting a pre-session consultation.

The consultation should take place either at your studio, the client’s home, or other mutually-agreed upon place (preferably someplace quiet where there aren’t a lot of distractions).

Benefits of a pre-session consultation:

  • You and the client(s) can get to know one another
  • You lay out your expectations and requirements
    • Contracts, deposits, etc.
  • You can give tips on clothing and makeup choices
  • The clients can ask questions
  • Photographic styles can be discussed
  • Samples can be shown
  • Ideas for props can be discussed
  • Number and types of poses to be included can be discussed
  • Packages and pricing may be discussed

The consultation does not have to be long. Usually 30 minutes is enough time to go over all expectations and questions for a portrait session. The wedding photography consultation may need to be a bit longer.

By building good rapport with your clients, everyone involved is more at ease and clear about expectations. Happy clients then become repeat-clients, and you will also receive good word-of-mouth advertising for your photography business.

For more photography business tips, be sure to visit

92 Year Old Starts Photography Business

Pete Holeman of Bellingham has the energy and the time, so he’s opening his own portrait photography business. Not especially big news these days, except that he’s 92 years old.

Don’t talk to Holeman about being too old to start anew. He’s on the mend from heart surgery, but he’s feeling pretty good and he’s lived a life of grit and hard work and he isn’t ready to take things easy just yet.

Click Here For The Full Article

iPhone App For Photographers

Smartstudio iphone app helps in managing your photo studio.  Apparently, it allows photographers to track and manage payments across multiple bookings and payment milestones, capture prospective clients, manage bookings and the details for each booking — including shot lists, package deliverables, itineraries, contacts, crew members, ideas in picture form, and notes. You can read more in the press release below.

Read about the iPhone app for photographers here

Get On The Ride and Make Your Photography Business Happen!

Are you holding yourself back?  I get so many emails from people all over the world that really, really want to get their photography businesses going, but don’t know where to begin (or are too afraid to start).  I want to tell you what I tell all of them:  YOU CAN DO THIS.  So many of you are holding yourselves back.  DO NOT listen to that negative voice in your head that may be telling you that you aren’t good enough, you don’t know enough, you’ll never make it work, blah, blah, blah.

The simple fact is that you can do whatever you set your mind to.  If everyone listened to their negative voice or other people telling them that they couldn’t do something, there would be no inventions, no businesses, no products, no technology, no cures for diseases, no anything!

So, instead of listening to the negative voice, listen to the positive one.  Find a way to make it work.  Get out there and do what you LOVE and what you WANT to do!  The fact is that no one can tell you that you can’t do it.

Start taking steps today to make your dream of a  photo business come true.  If you aren’t fully confident in your skills, then sign up for a photography class (either online or locally).  Practice and read everything you can about photography technique.  If you don’t know how to start a business, start doing your research to find out how to get your business license (or check out  If you can’t afford the rent on a studio, then open one out of your home.  If that isn’t an option, then be an “on-location” photographer.

Bottom line:  Nothing will get done if YOU don’t take action.  Do something TODAY to make your dream happen!

Get on the ride!  We only go around once! :)

For more photography tips and photo business strategies, be sure to join us over at Shuttermom University!  See you there!

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