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Want To Learn More About Newborn Photography?

Thanks to the works of talented photographers such as Tracy Raver, Kelley Ryden, Carrie Sandoval, and many more, newborn photography is a hot topic.  Moms want it, and photographers want to deliver it.  While there is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby, successfully photographing one takes time, patience, and talent.  Of course, practice makes perfect…but how can you learn more?  By following the advice and tips from photographers who are generous enough to share their expertise.  Check out some of the articles and videos below.  Enjoy - and be sure to come join in with over 800 other photographers over at Shuttermom University when you are ready to take your photo business to the next level!  See you there.

So You Booked A Newborn Photography Session.  Now What?

Baby Photography 101

10 Tips For Photographing Newborns

Getting Started With Newborn Photography

How To Work With a Newborn and Make Your Session A Success

Styles of Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography and Safety

Newborn Posing Inspiration Flickr Group

Kelley Ryden’s Blog

Safely Posing Newborns

Newborn Photography: Baby Hanging in Fabric

Wondering how to create those fabric “hammocks” (for lack of a better word) for a newborn session?  Watch how this photographer does it in the video below.  Remember to be safe!  Enjoy the video, and be sure to come join us over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching.  See you there!

Hot Newborn / Baby Prop Alert!

Check out this gorgeous, heavy-duty iron antique style baby bed from Photographer’s Boutique!  Perfect for all of your newborn and baby photo shoots.  Ships to Continental US only.  Go to and click the “shop now” tab at the top of the page to see all of the items in the store.  Enjoy!

Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden on the Today Show

Here is the video from the Today show featuring the newborn photography of Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden.  You get to see them at working with babies and getting those amazing shots.  Enjoy the video, and we’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching!

Posing a newborn baby for portraits

Here is a video I found that gives an example of how to capture a classic newborn pose.  Working with newborns can be tricky.  Remember to keep the room warm and quiet and have mom close by.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography business tips.

Sweet Newborn Portraits

I love these…

Visit for more photography business tips and coaching!

Another photographer at work - photographing a newborn

I love to see photographers at work.  Here you’ll see Emily Weaver Brown photographing a newborn baby.  Much of the video is getting the baby to sleep, but you can see how she poses him and how she uses a large blanket for a background (while the baby is lying on it).  Nice work!

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Enjoy the video!

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