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Mobile Pet Photography

Kathy McBride, the owner of Pet Shotz animal photography, has created her own mobile pet photography business. From the article:

Kathy McBride has been traveling to residences and businesses alike for several months to photograph both pets and their people and finds “it is well received.”"Many people like the convenience of a home photo shoot, particularly if they want their pets included,” McBride said in a news release. “They are intrigued by the idea of a professional shoot right in the comfort of their own homes or businesses. They especially like the idea of staying home with their animals.”

Click here for the full article, and be sure to join in the fun over at Shuttermom University for more great photography business ideas and tips.  See you there!

How To Do Princess Themed Portrait Events

Coming next week on the members side of Shuttermom University:  How to create, market and sell princess themed portraits for little girls!  I’ll tell you how to MAKE the rock wall you see in the image below, where to get props (including the background and dress I used), how to set up your studio lighting, what I did for post processing, how to market and sell these photos at an event, and more!  Join us on Shuttermom University today and save 10% by using coupon code 80BE6FB23E.  Just click the “join” button to get started.  Look for all of the above coming your way next week!

Example of Great PR for Your Photography Business

Here is a good example of a great PR piece in a local paper, about a local photographer.  There is no reason why you couldn’t get an article written about your business, too!  From the article:

When Tracy Moore photographs children, it helps that she thinks of herself as a big kid.

“I get to do what I want to put smiles on kids’ faces,” she said, so she’s not above making faces, cooing and laughing to elicit the perfect portrait pose from her subjects.

Because she photographs mostly children, she also has to be patient, providing the child time out for feeding or just a break from the probing lens of her camera. The hardest part is getting them warmed up to you in the first half-hour, she said.

For the full article, click here, and for more photography business ideas and coaching, be sure to visit Shuttermom University.

Setting Up A Photo Studio In Your Garage

The garage is a GREAT
place to set up a natural light studio!  All you need is a backdrop and
stand (or a nice, neutral wall), a reflector (optional, but recommended) and your camera.  Remember, as with window light, you do not want direct sunlight coming in.

Check out your garage at different times of day to see when you have
diffused or indirect light.  On a cloudy day, you can shoot all day long in your garage.

Place your subject approximately 3 to 5 feet away from the backdrop
(or as far away as your space allows) with the sun coming in from the
side.  Place the reflector on the other side of your subject so that it
is reflecting light to fill in shadows.  Take a meter reading to see
what exposure you should be using.  If you are without a meter, give
aperture priority a try.  Set your f-stop to 5.6, or a lower number if
you want the background to be out of focus.…and let your camera decide
the shutter speed.  Getting blurry images?  Bump up your ISO!  Instead
of 100, try 200…see the difference?  If it is really dark in your
garage, you’ll need to se the ISO even higher.  Just watch out for

Remember, since you can’t move the light source in the garage, have
your subject move to capture different lighting patterns on their
face.  Also try moving closer or further away from the light for
different effects.

For more information on natural light portrait photography, visit The Natural Light Project.

Pin Up Photography Promo

Check these videos about pin-up photography (two TV news segments about Florida’s House Of Vintage).  1940s style pin up photography is HOT right now and getting more and more popular.  Consider adding this style of photography to your portrait business!  For more info, be sure to check out The Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide.  Enjoy the videos!

92 Year Old Starts Photography Business

Pete Holeman of Bellingham has the energy and the time, so he’s opening his own portrait photography business. Not especially big news these days, except that he’s 92 years old.

Don’t talk to Holeman about being too old to start anew. He’s on the mend from heart surgery, but he’s feeling pretty good and he’s lived a life of grit and hard work and he isn’t ready to take things easy just yet.

Click Here For The Full Article

Starting a Photography Business – Home Based vs. Studio Space

When deciding on a place to run your successful photography business, there are a few options:

Home Based Photography Studio

Many photographers are deciding to run their photo businesses out of their homes. This has several advantages:

  • Low overhead – no rent
  • No commuting time
  • Your work space is tax deductible
  • Great if you have kids at home
  • Family oriented and relaxed

Disadvantages of a home studio include:

  • Lack of sufficient space
  • You have to keep a clean house at all times!
  • Having strangers in your home
  • Some people may view a home studio as not being a “real” business

Buying / Renting a Photography Studio

If your business increases and you can no longer operate out of your home, then it is time to look into purchasing or renting a space for your photography business. Advantages of renting or buying a studio space include:

  • More exposure for your business (window displays, foot traffic, drive by traffic)
  • More adequate space for your equipment and props
  • More adequate space for parking
  • Some may view you as having a “real” photography business
  • Your work life and home life can be kept separate

Disadvantages include:

  • Higher overhead (rent or mortgage) eats your profits
  • Commute time
  • High prices may keep you out of more desirable neighborhoods or shopping centers
  • A less desirable location may mean that you have to lower your prices

Other options

Many photographers choose to shoot “on location” only. This means that they either go to the client’s home or shoot mainly at outdoor locations. This can work nicely because it allows you to avoid renting a space and keeps clients out of your home.

Other photographers may choose to temporarily rent a studio space for a day or more. Some photo studios rent out their space on an hourly basis, but if this isn’t available in your town, consider renting a small conference room at a local hotel (this would be good for a portrait event where you will be photographing numerous families).

Whatever you decide to do, make this the year that you take action and get started with your photography business!  For more help, be sure to visit  See you there!

Jump Start Your Photography Business For The New Year!

It’s a brand new year and it is time to really get your photography business booming! Make this your year to either get started or kick your existing photography business into high gear! Here are some things to do in order to get those customers rolling in!

1. If you haven’t done it already, start an email newsletter. This is one of the best marketing tips I can give you. It isn’t hard to do, either. The company I use is called constant contact, and you can easily add a newsletter sign up box to your website and start sending your email newsletter as often as you’d like. I recommend starting out quarterly, and then moving into monthly newsletters once you are more comfortable.

Why is this important? People who are visiting your website have already shown an interest in what you are doing. You need a way to capture the contact info of these people and get in touch with them on a regular basis.

For existing customers, this is also important. Your existing customers should become repeat customers. You need to capture their attention and their business time and time again. It is important to develop a relationship with them over time.

What to put in your newsletters? Share a little personal info about your life, your family, your work, etc. Make sure to include some great samples of your work. Tell your potential customers about any specials or contests that you are running.

An alternative to the email newsletter is the blog. Blogs are also a great way to keep in touch with your customers.  Head on over to to find out about starting a free blog, or install wordpress on your own domain for even more control.

2. Update your website and your marketing materials for the new year. This includes your price lists. Now is the time to review them and make any necessary changes. It may be time for you to increase your prices!

Depending on the age of your website, it might be time for you to replace some of the images with fresh ones, and make sure all of your links are functional and up to date.

3. Find a new place to display your work. This will take a little time and effort on your part, but will be worth it. Make some visits to local children’s boutiques, dentist offices, even restaurants. Any place you can think of, really. Bring a nice portfolio of your work along. Ask about displaying your work, and don’t be afraid to offer the owner a free portrait session or other photo work in exchange!

4. Find out about any upcoming bridal shows, baby fairs, health expos, etc. in your city. These are GREAT places to rent a booth and display your work. Make sure to have plenty of business cards on hand and a way to capture contact info of the people who stop by your booth (a contest is a great way to do this).

These tips should get your year off to a great start! Get busy!

Interview With Wedding Photographer Anna Kuperberg

Anna Kuperberg, a San Francisco wedding photographer who has also been noted for her child and dog photography, gives advice on how to approach subjects, and shares her techniques for capturing emotion.  Anna has been featured on the cover of Photo District News and PPA magazines, and was named one of the world’s top ten wedding photographers by American Photo magazine. Her work has appeared in InStyle, People, and Martha Stewart Weddings. Enjoy the interview, and I’ll see you at for more on the photography business.

Interview with photographer Jasmine Star


One of my wonderful facebook friends pointed me to this and I wanted to share.  Jasmine Star is an international wedding photographer based in Orange County, California. In this interview, Jasmine discusses some of her favorite wedding images.  Enjoy the interview, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business coaching.

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