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New Giveaway This Week

Hi Everyone!

It’s Monday…time for a new giveaway!    This week I’m happy to be giving away one free membership to my popular Fairy Portrait Magic site.  Fairy portrait events are a fun and exciting way to get new clients and spread a word of mouth buzz about your photography business.  The membership includes info on marketing, creating, and selling fairy themed children’s portraits.  Check out the video below to see exactly what’s included (you can skip ahead to 1:26 in the timeline to begin the tour):

Here’s how to enter:

1.  “Like” Shuttermom University on Facebook:

2.  Follow Shuttermom University on Twitter:

3.  “Tweet” the following (include the URL):  @shuttermomuniv is giving away a free membership to Fairy Portrait Magic

Want to enter more than once?  You can, provided you do ONE of the following for EACH additional entry:

1.  Sign up to receive my free ezine, Shuttermom Weekly:

2.  “Like” this blog post (scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the “like” button)

3.  “Like” the Shuttermom University home page (scroll down to middle of page and click the “like” button):

4.  Tell your friends about this giveaway on any of your social media networks or photography forums (be sure to include this link:

5.  Suggest the Shuttermom University page to your facebook friends:

Finally, be sure to enter your name and email into the blue Contest Machine box below, and leave a comment telling everyone you entered!  Giveaway ends Friday at noon eastern time.  Good luck!

Fairy Portraits

Here is a photographer doing some interesting fairy portrait work. Enjoy the video, and to learn more about fairy portraits and how they can benefit your photography business, be sure to visit

Erin Manning - What To Keep In Your Handbag (for photography)

Hi There!

Here’s a good little video featuring Erin Manning telling us what she keeps in her handbag.  Don’t miss the tip on how to get rid of glare in your photos by using your sunglasses as a filter!  Enjoy the video, and be certain to stop by for more photography business ideas and coaching!

Ready to make more money with your portrait photography?  Start doing fairy portrait events!  Go to to learn more.

Old Idea Gets This Photographer New Publicity!

Hi There!

Here’s a smart photographer who got on her local news with a “new spin” on portrait photography (unposed portraits).  Is this a new idea?  No.  Was she SMART to spin it that way AND get free publicity on her local news?  YES!  Now she can say that she was featured on the news, have a clip of the segment on her blog and website, and I’m sure she also received more business when people saw the show!  There isn’t any reason you can’t do this, too.  Think of a way to spin what you do into a “newsworthy” segment and get your own free publicity!  Check out the video below (the photographer has some really great shots!), and be sure to stop by for more photography business coaching.

Ready to make more money with your portrait photography business?  Fairy themed portraits are the hot trend and are fun to do!  I’ll tell you how to create, market and sell fairy portraits with your very own fairy portrait events!  Go to right now to find out more.

1960’s Kodak Commercial - “Turn Around”

Hi There!

I hadn’t seen this before, but I thought it was pretty sweet.  Even made me tear up a little!

Enjoy the video, and remember to visit when you are ready for more photography business tips and coaching!

Ready to add more revenue to your portrait photography business?  Fairy Portrait Magic is live!

Photography Studio Thinks Outside The Box


Here is an example of a photo studio “thinking outside the box” and adding something to their existing services.  Similar to the photo booths seen at malls and movie theatres, GIMI’s photo box allows participants to sit down, type the name of people or group that will be in the photos, take, preview and print photos.

Here is the link to the full article:

In other news, 123 of you have now joined us on Fairy Portrait Magic!  Those 123 photographers are now armed with the know-how to create, market, and sell specialized fairy themed portraits, as well as conduct fairy portrait events in their community.  Want to know more?  Go to to see a sneak peek at what’s included and become a member today!  A one time fee gets you a lifetime membership!

Aerial Photography, Anyone?


Wow - now, thanks to a company called SkyShutter, you don’t need to climb aboard an airplane or helicopter in order to be an aerial photographer.  Don’t miss some of their sample images on their website!  Here is the link to the article:

Enjoy the article, and stop by if you are ready for more photography business tips, ideas and coaching!

Want to find out how I created the image on the left (along with that home-made bridge)?  You’ll find out when you claim your lifetime membership to Fairy Portrait Magic!  Fairy portrait events are a great way to make more money with your photography business.  Go to to find out more.

Adding Snow With Photoshop

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready to do some winter images and want to add some snowfall?  Here is a photoshop tutorial for you.  Enjoy, and remember to visit for more photography business coaching!

This video recommends the following filter:

Fairy Portrait Magic is live on a brand-new members only site!  Many of you have already claimed your memberships.  It is easy to do!  Go on over to to read more and find out how to get into the exclusive members-only side.  Fairy portrait events are fun and good money makers.  Find out more here:

Sneak Peek Into Fairy Portrait Magic

Hi Everyone!

It is finally here!  The brand new Fairy Portrait Magic site is ready to roll.  Those of you who already pre-ordered should have received an email with instructions on how to log into the members only section of the site.  If you did not receive yours, please email me at

I’m offering the membership at the pre sale price of only $67 until midnight tonight!  After that, the price will go up to $99 and will increase from there.  Your one-time fee of $67 will get you a lifetime membership to the site, so don’t miss out!

If you want the $67 price and it isn’t past the deadline yet, here is your SPECIAL ORDERING LINK (Use this link for the special price!):

Now, on to the sneak peek video (note:  if you order from the page mentioned in the video you WILL NOT receive the special discounted price.  Be sure to order from the special link above to receive your discount!)

A Photographer With a Bird’s-Eye View of the Economy

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I found this interesting article about Corporate-jet photographer Charles Tack and wanted to share it. He makes around $300,000 a year photographing corporate jets for sale. What a great niche to be in! Tack, 57, photographs the jets for brokers, who use his work in sales portfolios and for advertisements in trade journals. You can read the full article and see his work by clicking on the link below:

Remember to check out for more photography business ideas, tips and coaching!

In other shuttermom news, Fairy Portrait Magic should be just about ready in the next week or so.  I’ve created a members-only website for all of you where you’ll be able to view videos and download all of the info.  You’re going to love it!  Fairy portrait events are fun to do and a great way to make more money with your photography business.  Read more here or click on the image below for more info.  Remember, the pre-sale price will be ending very soon!

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