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Boudoir Photographer Empowers Women, Relationships

For years, Adelle Graham, of Fountain Inn, has worked in Greenville County as a hair and makeup stylist, but her latest venture includes giving women a full-body experience with a camera.

“I love to make women feel beautiful,” Graham told WYFF. “This was just another way for me to do that.”Graham owns The Boudoir Chix, a boudoir photography business. In addition to photographing her clients, Graham does their hair and makeup and helps them choose lingerie to wear.

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Boudoir / Pin-Up Photography Gaining Popularity Among Military Wives

Hi There!  I found this article focusing on how pin-up photography is gaining popularity among military wives and wanted to share it with you. Photographer Angelita Ballada is featured.  From the article:

Boudoir photography harkens back to the pinup photos taken during the World War II era. The trend is popular in Fayetteville, Ballada said, among Army wives such as Bonnagio who have their photos taken in a tasteful but flirty fashion. Often, they’re gifts for their husbands who are deployed overseas.

“That’s actually 95 percent of everybody that comes to me,” Ballada said. “It doesn’t need to be sexy poses. It can be just natural. It’s all about how you portray yourself. You don’t need to wear lingerie to be have boudoir photography. You can wear a sexy dress and heels as long as its about yourself, about your body, about your beauty.”

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Quick Tip For Marketing Your Boudoir Photography

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe the response I’ve had to the articles and marketing guide for boudoir photography!  Seems as though many of you are wanting to get into this specialty.  With that in mind, I wanted to share a quick marketing tip for your boudoir photography business.

First, read the article by clicking the link below - then come back here for the tip:

Portraits in retro sensuality

Okay, so here is what you should do:  Contact a reporter at your local paper who specializes in pieces like the one you just read (Portraits in Retro Sensuality).  You can either give them a call or send them a press release (with a story idea).  Remember, you want to make it news-worthy and entertaining.  DO NOT simply promote your business.  WIth any luck, you’ll receive a photo credit and a mention in an article on boudoir photography in YOUR town.  You could also do this same thing with your local news TV station.

Want even more tips on marketing your boudoir photography?  Check out my marketing guide here!


Marketing Boudoir Photography

Ready to get going in the boudoir photography market?  This guide is for you:

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