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Shuttermom news for the end of the week

Hi There!  Here are some exciting announcements:

1.  We have two winners for our Kotori photo jewelry contest:  “S” and “Cathy” should have received an email from me, and will also be hearing from Kotori about their prizes.  Thank you to Tonya for doing this great giveaway.  Be sure to visit her site at

2.  We have added 59 new members to Shuttermom University so far this month!  Remember, if we reach at least 100 new members, there will be a drawing for a $100 gift card.  If we get up to 350 new members, it will be a $1,000 gift card, and if we get 501 or more new members, it will be a $1,500 gift card!  Not a member yet?  Come join in the fun at for less than $5 a month!

3.  I just added my popular Baby Portrait Plan Success dvd (the online version) to the members-only side of Shuttermom University.  Members, log in to the main dashboard and click on the video to play it.  In this nearly hour-long video, I go over the basics of creating, marketing and selling popular baby portrait plans.  Don’t miss it!

4.  Stay tuned for another great giveaway next week!  I’ll be announcing it on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Some Newborn Inspiration

You’ll love these newborn images by Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall.  Simply gorgeous newborn photography!  Love those babies!  Enjoy the video (note:  there are some repeats at the beginning, and no soundtrack, but the photography is outstanding).  Remember, for more photography tips and business coaching, be sure to join us over at ShuttermomUniversity. See you there!

Sweet Newborn Portraits

I love these…

Visit for more photography business tips and coaching!

Another Pet Photography News Segment

Hello Everyone!  I found another good news segment on pet photography and wanted to share it.  This time, it comes from pet photographer David Sutton.  He offers tips on photographing pets.  I know I keep saying this, but again - another example of some great free publicity for his photo business!  Find a newsworthy angle for your photography business and you can do this, too.  Enjoy the video below!

Check out for more great photo business tips and coaching!

In other shuttermom news, be sure to check out my brand new “Profitable Baby Plans” DVD.  A baby’s first year plan is a great way to add new clients and keep them coming back to you again and again.  Read more by clicking on the image below, or go to

Another photo business promotional video example

I love sharing all the examples I find of promotional videos for photography studios.  In this day and age, video is so important and so easy to add to your marketing mix.  This one is from an Australian photographer, and it looks very professional (I like how he is talking to the camera, it has the feel of a television commercial, it is brief, and it shows off his images).  Most importantly, it ends with a “call to action.”  This video could easily be added to a website or blog, as well as YouTube.  Check it out below, and remember to go to for more photography business coaching.  Enjoy!

Want to make more money with baby photography?  Get a baby portrait plan in place for your studio! Check out my brand new baby portrait plan dvd here.

Another photographer at work - photographing a newborn

I love to see photographers at work.  Here you’ll see Emily Weaver Brown photographing a newborn baby.  Much of the video is getting the baby to sleep, but you can see how she poses him and how she uses a large blanket for a background (while the baby is lying on it).  Nice work!

Remember, you can get a copy of my brand new dvd - Profitable Baby Portrait Plans by clicking here.  I’ll tell you what to include, how to market your plan, and how to make more money with your baby photography!

Enjoy the video!

Anne Geddes - Behind The Scenes

An interesting “behind the scenes” look at a baby shoot with Anne Geddes.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to check out my brand new “Profitable Baby Plans” DVD here.

Fairy Portrait Magic is coming soon!  Read more here.

Informative Maternity Session Videos

Hello Everyone!

Do you do maternity photography?  I found these excellent videos from Ana Brandt on youtube and wanted to share.  You can see her as she works with a maternity client.

Remember, the best time to sign a client up for your baby portrait plan is right after their maternity session!  Check out my brand new Baby Portrait Plan DVD here.

Enjoy the videos!

Another great marketing idea for your photography business

Hello Everyone!  Hope you are all having a good weekend so far.  Need a new way to get more portrait customers?  Here is a great idea:  do a model call for a coffee-table book.  It could feature pets or cute babies.  There are many places that will publish your book (do a google search for book publishing).  Here is an article with a great example of how one photographer is doing this (she got some great free publicity, too).  Remember, your models will enjoy a free print, but more than likely they will want to purchase some extra prints or a package, too (not to mention the book once it is published).

Need even more great ideas to boost your new or existing photography business?  Go right now to to read more.  See you there!

Check out my new DVD on how to incorporate baby portrait plans into your photography biz

Interview with Anne Geddes

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are planning on a fun and relaxing weekend.  Wanted to share this interview with Anne Geddes from Entertainment Tonight.  Click on the image below to see my brand new Baby Portrait Plan DVD, and enjoy the video below.

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