Photographing Children and Babies

Like many of you, kids are my favorite and most popular subjects to photograph.  As we all know, parents of young children are often your best photography business clients!

Remember:  Let kids be kids.  Your best shots will come from unposed, environmental sessions.  Photograph them while they naturally play and explore.  Give them some art supplies, a container of bubbles, some dress up clothes, or take them to the park to play.  Photograph the natural moments that occur.

Remember to get down on their level and be creative with your shooting angles.  Have fun!

Let’s get a conversation going on the subject of photographing kids.  Share those tips!  I know you have them!  Please comment below.

7 Responses to “Photographing Children and Babies”

  • Ro:

    GET RID OF THEIR PARENTS ~ in a nice way ;) and just chat with them until you make friends and they start to trust you.

  • Oana Hogrefe:

    Encourage them to run, jump or otherwise be silly. Also, sometimes showing them their picture on the back of the camera can trigger a wonderful smile and lets them understand a bit more about what’s going on, and get excited.

  • Sadonna:

    I agree with RO I have found that if you just have the parents go sit some where out of site that the kids are more able to listen to you. Also bribery works offer a piece of candy or toy. I always have something that I can give them or find out what their favorite tv show is like Barney or Sponge Bob.

  • Becki Dillon:

    Be prepared with ‘attention’ grabbers — I have Bert and Ernie hand puppets, and a feather duster (unused!) that do the trick for me! What do you use?

  • Michelle:

    One thing that has helped me recently to capture the attention of little ones is a “clicker” for dog training. I start with it behind my back and say “Did you hear that?”. Then I do it again. This makes them look at me so I start snapping away. =) Once I start losing their attention, I click it again. It works on some adults, too! =)

  • Sandi:

    Love the feather duster idea–but tickling mom and dad always works wonders for smiles. Need to have a cooperative mom and dad though.

  • Erin:

    Hi Cindy,

    Is there somewhere on your site where you show how to do a water mark?
    I like how yours is done, any tips? I have recently found out that a senior shoot of mine made screen copies of a pic. I took and used it as a small framed picture to give away at a party. I never have water marked my pics. my website carrier is susposed to protect me from this. Thank you, Erin J.

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