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Make a Ceiling Tile Backdrop

Learn how to make your own ceiling tile backdrop.

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Inflatable Photo Studio

Came across this and thought it was interesting.  Definitely an option for someone without studio space! 

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Better Landscape Photography

From the article:

It may be hard to believe, but you can take very nice landscape photography even with the most basic equipment. You don’t need the latest and greatest ultra-wide lenses (although that does help create a unique perspective) or the fastest lens with a f1.2 aperture.

Get tips for better landscape composition here

Photo Deal of the Day

Shoot now, focus later

A new camera on the horizon is changing the photography game.

From the article:

With an innovative camera due out later this year from a company called Lytro, photographers will have one less excuse for having missed that perfect shot.

The company’s technology allows a picture’s focus to be adjusted after it is taken. While viewing a picture taken with a Lytro camera on a computer screen, you can, for example, click to bring people in the foreground into sharp relief, or switch the focus to the mountains behind them.

But is Lytro’s technology just a neat feature, or is it the next big thing in cameras?

Click here for the full article

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Lightroom vs. Photoshop

In this episode, Mark explains the differences between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Watch as he demonstrates the strengths of each program and how they are best suited for a photographer’s workflow.

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Photoshop Mama Tutorial

Photoshop Mama gives an intense tutorial on extraction methods, replacing background, refining masks, and creating density shadows.

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Will Film Hold On?

From the article:

At the turn of the 21st century, American shutterbugs were buying close to a billion rolls of film per year. This year, they might buy a mere 20 million, plus 31 million single-use cameras - the beach-resort staple vacationers turn to in a pinch, according to the Photo Marketing Association.

For the full article, click here.

Black and White Photography Lighting

In this episode, Mark explains how to best light a subject for black and white photography and get dramatic results. Learn how adjusting the position of light can change contrast in relation to the subject. Mark walks you through studio exercises to fully illustrate the relationship of shape and color.

Sixty Minute Challenge

In this episode, Mark explains how to get outside and shoot a self-assignment in order to expand your photographic skills. He gives himself two assignments and spends an hour taking pictures and SEEING things that most people would just walk by.

10 Creative Photography Assignments

Need something to help you get your creativity going?  Check out these 10 photography assignments to help you out! 

From the article:

This article will provide you with 10 photography self-assignments that
you can use to get your own creative juices flowing. They are designed
to help you grow in skill as a well-rounded photographer while helping
you build your portfolio at the same time. Many of these projects are
best executed over a period of time, rather than in a single session.

Read the full article here

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