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Make a Ceiling Tile Backdrop

Learn how to make your own ceiling tile backdrop.

Shuttermom University

Inflatable Photo Studio

Came across this and thought it was interesting.  Definitely an option for someone without studio space! 

Shuttermom University

Especially for Boudoir Photographers

I wanted to tell you all about a brand new product just released (I don’t even have a web page up for it yet!).  If you are a boudoir photographer, or are looking to start, then this is a great marketing tool for you.  See the full description below (and save $5 off the regular price for a limited time).

This collection contains 4 private label articles that focus on boudoir photography.  The articles are yours to use as is, or change as you wish.  The articles are professionally written and are completely original. NOTE:  the articles are for your business use only, and are not to be repackaged or resold in any way.

Titles include:

“Hot Topic:  The Popularity of Boudoir Photography” (295 words)

“Give Him A Gift He’ll Never Forget” (381 words)

“Girl’s Night IN:  A Boudoir Portrait Party” (404 words)

“Your Boudoir Photo Shoot:  What To Wear” (425 words)

How the articles can be used:

- Create your own mini-magazine for potential clients

- Use for brochure content

- Use for website content

- Use for blog content

- Use the articles in any way you wish!  You are free to edit or change them to suit your needs, but they are ready to publish as-is.  Note:  If you plan on using them on your website or blog, I would recommend changing them slightly to avoid duplicate content (Google doesn’t like that).

Articles will be delivered to you in both MS Word and PDF format via email.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the articles (please do not copy):

As you go into your shoot, you will likely feel most confident in lingerie or outfit choices that are in line with your unique personal style. This is not to say that you can’t venture out and play with different looks, but the idea here is to avoid choosing outfits that are counter to the way you would normally express yourself; a very conservative gal is unlikely to exude confidence in front of the camera while dressed in Gothic lingerie and black leather boots. Be playful and have fun dressing up, but do think about your comfort level and most of all, be true to you! - from the “What To Wear” article

Girl’s night out just doesn’t come often enough for most of us! With all the hats that women wear, everyone deserves the chance to take a break from her responsibilities, to share some uninterrupted time with good friends and to be pampered by someone else for a change; it’s good for the body and soul! Next time girl’s night out comes around, consider a great alternative to the usual “drinks at happy hour” by taking part in a group boudoir portrait party! - from the “Girl’s Night In” article

Regular price:  $40

Temporary sale price $35

Click on the PayPal button below.  Your articles will be emailed to you (at your PayPal email address) within 24 hours.  Thanks!

Shoot now, focus later

A new camera on the horizon is changing the photography game.

From the article:

With an innovative camera due out later this year from a company called Lytro, photographers will have one less excuse for having missed that perfect shot.

The company’s technology allows a picture’s focus to be adjusted after it is taken. While viewing a picture taken with a Lytro camera on a computer screen, you can, for example, click to bring people in the foreground into sharp relief, or switch the focus to the mountains behind them.

But is Lytro’s technology just a neat feature, or is it the next big thing in cameras?

Click here for the full article

Need marketing help for your photo business?  Come join in the fun at Shuttermom University!

There’s an App For That - Yours!

Photographers - need an app for your business?  I can design your app and get it submitted to the iTunes app store and Android marketplace.  I can even get an iPad app for you!  Apps are great for business because they sit directly on your customer’s phone desktop.  Your info and updates are just a click away at all times, no matter where your customer is (people never leave home without their phones).  Please contact me at and I’ll get back to you with pricing and a demo.  You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Will Film Hold On?

From the article:

At the turn of the 21st century, American shutterbugs were buying close to a billion rolls of film per year. This year, they might buy a mere 20 million, plus 31 million single-use cameras - the beach-resort staple vacationers turn to in a pinch, according to the Photo Marketing Association.

For the full article, click here.

Young Photographer Captures Images of Beloved Pets

From the article:

JOHNSTOWN – Newark Catholic High School graduate Rachel Lauren Ridgley might be young, but she’s blazing her own trail.

Ridgley — who prefers to use her middle name, Lauren, as her last for business purposes — graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in December and launched her own business, Rachel Lauren Photography, as a logical next step for the passion she has been pursuing since the day she got her first camera.

For the full article, click here.

The Burning Man Photographer - Patrick Roddie

enjoy the video, and be sure to visit for more photography business tips and coaching!

Marketing Senior Portrait Photography

Click on the image below to learn more!

Bambi Cantrell Interview

Bambi Cantrell gives wedding and portrait photography tips.  Enjoy the video, and be sure to join us over at for more photography business ideas and coaching.

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