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Strobes vs. Speed Lights

Mark discusses the differences on strobes vs. speed lights in this video.  Enjoy!

Extend Your Marketing Reach With Mobile

Did you know?

  1. There are 285.6 million mobile subscribers in the United States. Stated another way, that’s 91% of the population! CTIA
  2. Mobile devices will pass PCs as the access device of choice by 2013. Gartner

There is a new, cutting edge, highly personal way to market your photography business…through mobile marketing!

The fact is, more and more people are getting online and searching for your business from their mobile device.  Your website needs to go mobile, and now your marketing does, too!

Mobile marketing is super simple to do.  With companies such as Mobile Marketing For Your Biz, you can get online, create a text or image campaign, and send it out to your list of mobile subscribers.  You will be able to reach clients and potential clients instantly, no matter where they are!  People never leave home without their mobile phone, and text messages have a 98% open rate!  You can’t say the same for email.

How does mobile marketing work?  When you set up your account through Mobile Marketing For Your Biz, you:

  1. Set up your keyword (or more than one, depending on your needs).
  2. Market your keyword (on your blog and website, in your ads, facebook, twitter, business cards, etc.) Be sure you make it worth client’s time to text your keyword (by offering something in return).
  3. When a client texts your keyword to 69302, your mobile marketing account will automatically reply to their text with the message you have created.
  4. You can include a link to your web page or blog
  5. The customer has now been added to your mobile list so that they will be included in any future mobile marketing messages you send out.  They have the option to remove themselves from the list at any time.

And not only can you send text messages, but you also have the option of sending images as well.

Picture the following scenario:

You are a vendor at a bridal show or baby expo.  You have a nice looking sign at your booth that says something like “Text mybaby to 69302 to receive 25% off of a baby’s first year portrait plan!”  or ” Text bridalfair to 69302 to be entered to win a free engagement session!”  Once customers text your keyword to 69302, they are added to your mobile marketing list and they will automatically receive a message customized by you.  You can then include them in all future mobile marketing campaigns you send out!

Once you create your account and keywords, be sure to include this info on all of your marketing pieces and on your website and blog.  A simple line saying something like, “Text (your keyword) to 69302 to receive __________” will do it.

Be sure to check out for a free trial, and get started with your mobile marketing campaign today!

Make a top hat headband

These headbands are all the rage for photo shoots, and now you can make your own! Full instructions are on the member’s side of Shuttermom University. You can get a full six month membership for just $29, and you’ll get tons of marketing ideas for your photography business! Go to to join in the fun!

Here is a quick snap shot of Katie modeling the headband we made yesterday. I’m going to use this in an upcoming photo shoot.

Maternity Fusion Video

I came across this video that combines still images with video (known as fusion) featuring an expectant couple and their kids. If you can do video, this is something unique to offer your clients. Check it out below. Enjoy!

PPA Video - Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

PPA just came out with this great video describing why people should hire a professional photographer. If you are a member (and you should be), then you can easily embed this video on your website or blog (just like I did here). Check it out below!

Newborn Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Shooting In Manual Mode

In this episode of Digital Photography:  One On One, Mark explains how to shoot in manual mode.

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