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MCP Fusion Is Here!

Have you heard? The MCP Fusion Action Set is here, and boy, will you want these! Totally user friendly, your images will improve and you’ll get those much sought-after looks with just one click.

The best part about the fusion set is that 2 or more actions can be mixed together for hundreds of unique looks.

Get a look at some great examples below.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You won’t regret purchasing these - I absolutely LOVE mine!

Click here to order yours!

Photography Promo Video

Here is another fun promo video. This one is from Keberly Photography. Enjoy!

The Keberly Photography Experience from Keberly Photography on Vimeo.

Jasmine Star Video

Check out this gorgeous video from Jasmine Star.  What a great marketing piece for her business!  Love this!

Photographer Finds Success With Aerial Photography

From the article:

Jerry Luther doesn’t mean to look down on the rest of the world, it’s just the nature of his work. And as an aerial photographer, Luther has found a way to mix business with pleasure every time he sends up one of his radio-controlled aircraft.

To read more about Jerry and his radio-controlled aircraft aerial photography, click here.

Correctional Officer Turned Photographer

From the article:

The California Department of Correction’s loss is professional photography’s gain.

After graduating from Manteca High in 1993, and inspired by the many members of her family who were in law enforcement, Dolores Baluyut went into the correctional academy for the required six-week training program at that time. As soon as she got her assignment at the maximum-security Salinas State Valley Prison (a level 4 prison compared to DVI’s level 3), it didn’t take long for the newlywed to realize that was not her life’s calling. After only a month and a half working at the state prison in Salinas, she resigned.

To read more about how Dolores started her portrait and wedding photography business, click here.

Using Flash On Location

In this episode Mark explains how to balance studio strobes with ambient light when shooting outside.

Mom Turns Hobby into a Business

From the article:

Who: Tonya Teran, Tonya Teran Photography

What: Custom photography specializing in newborn, baby, children and family portraits.

Where: Her studio located in her home’s spare bedroom in Rockville, MD. During warmer months, photo sessions often take place outside. She also travels to clients’ homes for shoots, particularly for newborn sessions.

When: Often has about three photo sessions per week or during the weekend. Most of her editing/computer work is done during her daughter’s nap time or at night.

How: After her daughter was born in May 2008, Teran said she wanted to get a camera that was fast enough to capture her new family. She started reading photography forums and learning how to use her camera, which she purchased in November 2009. That winter, she practiced on her daughter.

For the full article, click here

For more info on starting your own photography business, be sure to visit Shuttermom University.

Partnering with Dentists and Orthodontists to Increase Business

Portrait photographers, here is a way to get new clients by partnering with local dentists and orthodontists in your community. Here is the basic run-down:

1. Offer the dentists or orthodontists gift cards to give to their clients good for a free portrait session and print. This is considered a gift from the dentist / orthodontist, and adds value to their services.

2. The cards should be professionally printed and include the name of the dentist or orthodontist.

3. The cards may be given out when a client gets braces (for a “before” portrait) and again when the braces come off. Be sure to donate a copy of the before and after shots to the orthodontist for display. Once you have enough for an album, donate one of those for the waiting room.

Other occasions for the dentist or orthodontist to give out gift cards would be birthdays, first lost tooth, two years with no cavities, etc. Each card could be custom printed to reflect the occasion.

Once a client comes in to redeem their gift of a session and free print, you can offer them the additional portraits at your regular prices.

If the Dentist / Orthodontist has a facebook page, be sure to tag one of the photos with their name or business name so others can see it. Tag it with the client’s name as well so all of their friends will see it (it should be watermarked with your copyright or logo) Don’t forget to get a model release on all of your portraits.

Do you have more ideas on this topic? Be sure to share them with us!

And remember, there is MUCH more info on the members-only side of Shuttermom University, so be sure to come and join us.

Boudoir Shoot From The Customer’s Point Of View

A boudoir client gives some tips to others who are considering doing a boudoir photo shoot.

From the article:

As a mom, there are very few opportunities to look hot. We have the occasional date night or the night out with the girls. But even those are usually rushed and we’re rarely able to channel our old foxy selves.

A few months ago, I was offered an opportunity to shake off the “mom” role and try something new. Since I’m always up for a challenge and thought it sounded like fun, I agreed to try a “boudoir photo shoot” courtesy of Focal Impulse Studio in Boston.

Click here for the full article

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