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Using Facebook To Increase Your Photo Business

From the article:

If there were a word that meant even-more-amazing, longtime photographer Gary Strain said he would have used it on Tuesday, describing the hub-bub his daughters created for their photography business using Facebook.

It happened like this:

His daughters Jackie Strain Mahar and Brandy Strain Dayer put 150 images the studio had taken in 2010 of children and families and pets in a photo album on Facebook. The Image of the Year, the one that got the most votes using the comment line on Facebook, would win a bundle of prizes, including a museum-quality portrait and a year’s worth of sittings at the studio.

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Photographer Builds Brand With Networking and Testimonials

From the article:

Less than 10 years after Jane Shauck of West Hartford started a fledgling photography business, Shauck’s now two distinct photography businesses are thriving.

Focusing on both corporate photography and weddings, Shauck, with help from her husband, Michael, is garnering numerous awards while bringing in big-name clients such as Time, Inc., the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Swarovski and the New York Mets to her businesses, Jane Shauck Photography and IRIS Photography.

Her success is a tribute to networking, to the power of referrals and to quality workmanship.

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Senior Photography in the News

Photographer David Coleman is interviewed about senior portrait photography by Jeremy Stevens of Fox 27, Springfield, MO

840 Street Portraits In One Day

The Annual Guernsey Festival of Photography is set to become one of the world’s most respected festivals of the art. As part of it, Karl Taylor photographed as many people in one day as he could or were willing.

What are stops?

In this episode of Digital Photography 1 on 1,  Mark explains what stops are and how they are used to adjust exposure settings on your camera.

One Photographer’s Fight To Get Her Facebook Account Restored

When Facebook had a problem with photographer Laura Eckert posting her childbirth images, she was able to get her account restored with the help of the media.

From the article:

They (Facebook) took one look at childbirth photographer Laura Eckert’s pics and kicked her straight off the site. So how does one stay-at-home mom make a multibillion-dollar empire cry uncle?

For the full story of how this photographer took on Facebook and won, click here.  For even more on this story, click here.

That’s not a bear…

Here’s one for pet photographers…

Photographer Creates Dog Photography and Modeling Business

From the article:

What began as a hobby to take Guelphite Joann Pearsall’s mind off her cancer has turned into a thriving photography and dog modeling business.

Operating from home, Pearsall goes to clients with her equipment and sometimes her dog models in tow.

Her photography has been featured in advertisements in 12 dog magazines in the last eight months including Modern Molosser, Canine Chronicle and Dog News.

Click here for the full article, and for more photography business and coaching, be sure to visit (text mycoupon to 82257 for your coupon code).  See you there!

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