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This Cracked Me Up

I love What The Duck…If you photograph kids you’ll love this!

Painting With Light - Have You Seen These?

I love these videos that I just came across on YouTube from Eric William Curry.  He takes numerous shots with different aspects of the scene lit, then puts them all together for a fantastic result.  Watch to see what I mean.  This is so cool!  Enjoy the videos, and make sure to visit us over at Shuttermom University for more photography tips and business coaching.  See you there!

Smile Catchers

I thought I’d compile a list of “smile catchers” that I use to get good expressions from kids when taking their portraits.  Please add yours in the comments, and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway:  Steve Bedell’s Natural Light Portraiture DVD.

Smile Catchers

1.  Peek a boo

2.  Have something (like a small stuffed animal) balanced on your head and ask the child to blow it off

3.  Telling them “don’t you dare smile…this is serious!”

4.  Asking them “do you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend)?”

5.  Tell them a knock knock joke (grade school kids like them) Check out the ones here.

6.  Ask them to say a silly, made up word

So come on…I know you have more!  Share your own “smile catcher” with us in the comments.  Thanks!

Aaron Eckhart - Fashion Photographer?

I found this article about the actor Aaron Eckhart and how he is aspiring to be a photographer and thought you all might find it interesting. From the article:

“He may have been all about fighting Batman in the The Dark Knight, but Aaron Eckhart tells PEOPLE that he has a new real life obsession — fashion photography!”

Click here for the full article, and be sure to visit us over at Shuttermom University for more photography lessons and business coaching!  The BRAND NEW Shuttermom University is launching soon!

New Giveaway From Steve Bedell This Week!

Photographer Steve Bedell has been generous enough to donate a copy of his brand new DVD for the Shuttermom giveaway this week!  This natural light portraiture DVD was shot during one of Steve’s popular lighting workshops at his studio in Dover NH and includes three locations and three models. We start downtown and then go to a scenic fort and wrap things up on the beach. The 53 minute long video was shot using professional video and sound equipment. What makes this unique is that no elaborate locations or outfits are used, it shows you how to locate quality light just about anywhere! After viewing this, you’ll know just what to look for on your next outdoor session.

For the full description of the DVD, click here.  To find out more about Steve, his writing, and his work, click here.

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Become a fan of Steve Bedell on Facebook by clicking here.

2.  Become a fan of Shuttermom University by clicking here.

3.  Follow @shutter_mom on Twitter by clicking here.

4.  Retweet the following (don’t forget the URL):  @shutter_mom is giving away Steve Bedell’s new Natural Light Portraiture DVD

5.  Type your name and email address into the blue Contest Machine box below to finalize your entry.

6.  Leave a comment on this blog telling everyone that you entered!

Want to enter more than once?  You can, provided you do one of the following for each additional entry:

1.  Sign up to receive Shuttermom Weekly each Thursday.  Go to and enter your name and email into the blue box.

2.  Tell your friends about the giveaway (including the link on any of your social media networks.

3.  Tell your friends about the giveaway (including the link on any of the photography forums that you belong to.

Be sure to enter your name and email into the Contest Machine box for each additional entry, too.  Thanks, and good luck!

Video: How To Capture Action in Your Photography

Hi There!  I came across this great video on YouTube and wanted to share.  If you want to improve your action photography, then this video will help you.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out Little Graduate Portraits if you are looking for a fun way to make some money with your portrait photography this spring.  See you there!

Zag Designs is Running A Contest!

To kick off the new ZAG Designs, Tricia is going to give one lucky person a complete brand overhaul.  The winner will receive an [Elite Branding] package valued at $500!

For more information about this contest, go to

Meet Greg Lumley

I recently did an interview with photographer Greg Lumley.  We became facebook friends and I really admire his gorgeous wedding photography!  Hope you enjoy the images and reading a little about Greg.  His website may be found at  For more photography and business tips and coaching, come visit us at Shuttermom University.

SM:  Tell us a little about you (where are you from, are you married, do you have kids, etc.)
Married with two children one 8 and the other is 18months, both girls! That’s going to be fun a little later ;)

SM: What made you get into photography?
GL: I’ve always had a “thing” for capturing time, I tried to take photos when I was a lot younger but neither of my parents were particularly interested so it never really got fed. I remember taking photos of this amazing Jackson 5 video on TV as a teenager, they had all this stardust they were throwing it looked amazing for the time, I tried to capture it using an instamatic on with ASA 100 film and full flash, I had no clue what I was doing… I was quite disappointed when the photos came back, the TV was “off.”

SM:  When and how did you start your photography business
About 5 years ago, before that I worked as a Sound engineer in the TV industry for 10 years (I think this is where a lot of my photographic influence came from, I was always interested in lighting and directing people) Eventually I got bored with the TV industry and got into programming, sounds like a strange change but by then everything was running on computers and I wanted to learn more. It was my first daughter that really kicked it off… I got fed up with missing shots because of slow cameras so I spent a little more money and bought a digital SLR… as my shots got better people started to ask me if I would shoot portraits and events.

SM:  What is the most rewarding thing about photographing weddings?
Being appreciated so much for what I love doing and being hired for what I do and my style and way of doing it.

SM:  What is the most difficult thing about photographing weddings?
I’m sure every wedding photographer answers the same: It’s a once off event, if the light is awful or someone steps into your shot as the bride walks down the aisle you have to deal with it, there is no going back.

SM:   Do you have a studio?
I don’t have  a studio, most of my work is done on location, I’ve got 5 Alien Bee studio lights (including a Ring Light) and a Vagabond portable power supply.

SM:   What type of photography do you like doing best?
That’s a difficult one, I’d say the biggest satisfaction is getting that shot that I would be proud to show my piers is what drives me most, it could be Weddings, Fashion or Landscape. What I specifically like about wedding photography is that I’m working with people and I’m not limited in my creativity, I’m the Creative Director.

SM:  What type of photography do you do most?
Weddings without a doubt!

SM:  What is your photography style?
Stunning and spontaneous! That’s what I tell my clients anyway, I like shooting dramatic different work using off camera lighting a lot but there is nothing better than getting a great natural moment on camera!

SM:   Do you remember the first wedding you shot? Tell us about it.
Yes it was a friend’s wedding,  she had a low budget and could not afford the “big guys”, years later I’m a lot better but even now I’m not unhappy with what I gave her. What I remember most is the stress! I still stress but because of the experience I have I’m a lot more controlled and know what to expect even when the unexpected happens.

SM:   What type of marketing do you do to get wedding clients?
Mostly word of mouth and my website, I cannot emphasise how important it is to have a good website that is updated regularly! I also brand all low res images supplied to the client because many of them appear on Facebook.

SM:   What are some of your favourite places to shoot?
That’s a good one, I’d say anywhere with interesting people and architecture a few years ago I went to Argentina, the culture change was amazing and so were the people, it was so easy to get really great pictures!! I’d love to go to Cuba or Mexico or New Orleans.

SM:  What is your advice for aspiring wedding photographers?

GL: a. Know what you are going to shoot and when!,

b. Shoot manually when you are in low pressure situations, experiment (not at a paid wedding!!!)

c. If you don’t know what “M”,”AV”,”TV” mean or how to use them call the bride and tell her to find another photographer.

d. Don’t mess around with cheap equipment it is generally slow to focus and will lose you shot after shot apart from the fact that the lenses are slow.

e. Expect the unexpected

f. If you don’t have a backup camera call the bride up and tell her to find another photographer!

g. Shoot the wedding like it were your own but remember, it’s not your wedding!

h. Be prepared, have backup gear, I’ve had a flash break on me as well as one of my camera’s because I had backups they bride never knew anything was wrong.

14. What do you like to do outside of photography?
Films and socialising, we’ve got a great group of friends and my wife loves watching movies too.

SM:   Who are some photographers that you admire?
There are so many brilliant people out there, but:

Weddings: Ben Chrisman I love that he is extremely creative but also captures the most incredible joy in his shots

Editorial: Joe McNally, everybody loves Joe! He shows just what can be done with a bag full of equipment and limited time and I’m an off camera flash addict!

Portraiture: Sam Jones, damn this guy is good, he is brilliant at avoiding the obvious, his concepts are so clever!

Candid and photojournalism: Alfred Eisenstadt, he was one of the originals to recognise and capture moments, many people won’t have any idea who he is but they will all know at least one of his images.

SM:   What is in your camera bag?
2x Canon 5d MII (I really  love the low light ability of this camera!!)
1x 24-105 f4 IS (I love this lens for the 5d’s I’ve never really had the urge to get the 24.70 2.8 because the IS excellent and the reach is too) my ideal lens would be the 24-105 “2.8” IS (it would probably be the size of a small barrel!)
1×17-40 f4 – Great wide lens

1×70-200 2.8 IS this lens is incredible, it’s incredibly sharp and a pleasure to use.

1×100mm 2.8 Macro – although this is not a “pro” lens this thing is incredibly quick to focus and use in low light for people shots! Of course it’s a macro too which does not hurt!

1x 8mm MC peleng fisheye – this is more of a toy and personally I prefer it on a 40D or anything that has a 1.6 multiplier, it suffers from flare like you can’t believe but get it into the right situation and it’s very good for its money.

Polariser for my L-Lenses

Canon 580ex MII Flash
Canon 430ex Flash
4x Pocket Wizard Plus2’s

1x Pocket Wizard TT5 (more so I can have pocket wizard and an on camera flash for fill when I need it)

2x Nikon sb28’s (Yes you got it NIKON!) since I use them on manual with my pocket wizards it does not matter that they don’t “talk” to my canon and they are only used for off camera flash.

Thanks, Greg!  Be sure to check out Greg’s website at and his blog at

Photobasics Home Studio Lighting Kit Winner

Congratulations to Sparkie, the winner of the Photobasic Home Studio Lighting Kit. Be on the lookout for an email from me!

Stay tuned for next week’s giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered, and a big thank you to Erin Manning and Westcott for donating this great prize.

Melissa Rodwell’s Gothic Themed Fashion Shoot for Flaunt Magazine

Video:  Behind of the Scenes of Fashion Photography for Melissa Rodwell’s Gothic Themed Fashion Shoot for Flaunt Magazine (note:  a few “f-bombs” were dropped…if you are offended by that sort of thing, you may not want to watch).  I thought this was a really interesting behind the scenes look at a fashion photo shoot.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at Shuttermom University for more photography business tips and coaching.

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