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Some Photoshop Tips from Jibz Actions

More Fun Photoshop Shortcuts.
The following are the Windows shortcuts. For Mac users simply replace the Ctrl with
Command and Alt with Option
Ctrl + 0 - Makes the image fill the workspace
Ctrl + Alt + 0 - Zooms to 100%
Ctrl + + Zooms in
Ctrl + - Zooms out
Ctrl + Home - Takes you to the top left hand corner of the image
Page Down - When you are zoomed in, pressing Page Down will take you exactly one screen down. This seems obvious but I find that it saves time over holding the space bar and dragging the image.
Page Up - Just like above but takes you up a screen
Ctrl + Page Down - This takes you one screen to the right
Ctrl + Page Up - You guessed it. This takes you one screen to the left
Holding the space bar - As mentioned above if you hold down the space bar you can drag your zoomed image location wherever you want.
Ctrl + A - Selects everything in the active layer
Ctrl + D - De-selects everything
Ctrl + H - Hides the selection
Ctrl + Shift + I - Selects the inverse
Ctrl + T - Activates Free Transform for the layer or selection
Hot deal of the month!

FREE!!!  PHOTOSHOP ACTION SET with any purchase.
Jibz Album Creator Photoshop action set*.
Create 61 multi-color album pages for weddings albums, baby books,
scrap booking, and storyboards.
Each action creates 5 colored backgrounds instantly,
Choose any of the 5 background colors
Colors are
Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Taupe, Cream
Jibz Album Designer action kit creates:
24-10×10’s with various picture openings
24- 8×10’s with various picture openings
12-10×20’s full page or wall panel actions
1-16×20 template

Designed for Photoshop 7-CS4 *not for Elements
Free with any purchase! $39.99 value.

Inspirational Baby Portrait Slide Show

Looking for some inspiration for your baby portraits?  Check out the work of this talented photographer.  I’ll see you at after the video for more photography business tips and coaching.

Check out this video from Shorewood High School

Okay, this isn’t really photography related - but what an amazing job these kids did on this “lip dub” video they created at their high school.  I love it!  Makes me want to go back to high school.  Enjoy.

Chicago Photographer’s Pin-Up Portrait Business

This Chicago photographer has carved out a profitable niche for her business:  Pin Up Photography. “We’re trying to even out the playing field with things we’re bombarded by on a daily basis,” Stumpf said before a shoot. “How women should look in advertising, magazines, billboards. From a very young age we think, ‘I can never be like this’ or ‘How can I be like this?’ We say with the right care, makeup, photography and pose coaching, you can attain what you want.” For the full article, click here.

David Sutton Talks Pet Photography

In this video, photographer David Sutton talks about his pet photography.  See him working with subjects and also get a glance at the results.  Enjoy!

Monte Zucker Teaches Portrait Lighting

Learn some studio lighting techniques from the late, great Monte Zucker.  I’ll see you over at after the video.

Gorgeous Urban Family Portraits From Sam Puc’

Hi There!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I found this new video from Sam Puc’, and wanted to share.  It is a gorgeous urban family photo session.  I like how she mixed video clips in with the slideshow.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business tips and coaching.

Office Portrait Session

Hi There!

In this video, photographer David Tejada goes on location to shoot business portraits in a small office.  Very interesting how he used the frosted glass wall to his advantage.  Enjoy the video!

Irish News Program Features Professional Photographer

Wedding photographer Jenny McCarthy is featured on her local news out of Ireland.  Nice publicity for her business!  Remember, publicity beats marketing every time (it is free and people see it as “news,” not advertising).  Enjoy the video!

Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips

Hi There!
Here is a great promotional video from wedding photographer Kristen Spencer.  In it, she tells the audience (potential wedding clients) the top 5 things they should look for with wedding photography.  Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you over at for more photography business coaching (P.S. month 11 is coming soon, and in it I’m giving instruction on creating your very own promotional video!)

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