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Nikon app teaches photography on the fly

Hi There!

Want an iphone app that will teach you about photography?  Here is an article about a new Nikon app that teaches photography fundamentals and offers shooting techniques for common situations.  You can read the full article by clicking on the link below, and don’t forget to check out for more photography business ideas, tips and coaching.

In other Shuttermom news, Fairy Portrait Magic is live and the response has been overwhelming!  Fairy portrait events are fun to do and are a great way to make more money with your portrait photography business.  Want to find out more?  Go to  See you there!

Interview with Rock ‘n Roll Photographer Robert Knight

Hi There!

Here is a great interview with Robert Knight, a photographer who has photographed such music legends as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Led Zeppelin.  Enjoy the video below, and remember to check out for more photography business ideas, tips and coaching!

Photography Studio Thinks Outside The Box


Here is an example of a photo studio “thinking outside the box” and adding something to their existing services.  Similar to the photo booths seen at malls and movie theatres, GIMI’s photo box allows participants to sit down, type the name of people or group that will be in the photos, take, preview and print photos.

Here is the link to the full article:

In other news, 123 of you have now joined us on Fairy Portrait Magic!  Those 123 photographers are now armed with the know-how to create, market, and sell specialized fairy themed portraits, as well as conduct fairy portrait events in their community.  Want to know more?  Go to to see a sneak peek at what’s included and become a member today!  A one time fee gets you a lifetime membership!

Aerial Photography, Anyone?


Wow - now, thanks to a company called SkyShutter, you don’t need to climb aboard an airplane or helicopter in order to be an aerial photographer.  Don’t miss some of their sample images on their website!  Here is the link to the article:

Enjoy the article, and stop by if you are ready for more photography business tips, ideas and coaching!

Want to find out how I created the image on the left (along with that home-made bridge)?  You’ll find out when you claim your lifetime membership to Fairy Portrait Magic!  Fairy portrait events are a great way to make more money with your photography business.  Go to to find out more.

New Photoshop Mama Video - Create A Promo Card

How to create a promo card template, do a popout and create a set of production Actions - new video from Photoshop Mama.  Enjoy the video at the end of this post, and remember to check out for more photography business coaching and tips!

Don’t miss the Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide - click on the image below for full details

Photographer Doing What He Loves

Hi Everyone!

Found this interesting article and wanted to share:  Read about how Jason Oney quit his day-job with Lexmark and is now running a successful wedding and senior photography business.  Click on the link below for the full article:

Remember to stop by for more photography business ideas and coaching!

And finally, don’t miss your chance to join over 100 other photographers on the members-only side of Fairy Portrait Magic! Fairy portrait events are fun to do and can make lots of money for your photography business.  Go to for the full scoop and a sneak peek!

Photographer Offering Free Head Shots For Jobless

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a great way to get publicity for your photography business while helping people in need at the same time:  offer free business headshots for job-seekers.  Here’s an article about a photographer who did this:

Remember, for more photography business tips, ideas, and coaching, be sure to stop by!

In other Shuttermom news, Fairy Portrait Magic is now live!  We’ve already got over 100 members and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!  Already a member?  Please comment below and tell us what you think.  Thanks!  If you aren’t a member yet, fairy portrait events are a fun way to make more money with your photography business!  Go to right now to learn more.

Adding Snow With Photoshop

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready to do some winter images and want to add some snowfall?  Here is a photoshop tutorial for you.  Enjoy, and remember to visit for more photography business coaching!

This video recommends the following filter:

Fairy Portrait Magic is live on a brand-new members only site!  Many of you have already claimed your memberships.  It is easy to do!  Go on over to to read more and find out how to get into the exclusive members-only side.  Fairy portrait events are fun and good money makers.  Find out more here:

Food Photographer - Yummy!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been behind on my blogging.  I’ve been super busy with the release of Fairy Portrait Magic, which is now available on its very own membership site!  Those of you who purchased should have received an email with login instructions.  If not, PLEASE contact me.

Here is an interesting look at the food photography industry and all that a food photo shoot entails.  Enjoy, and stop by for more photo business ideas, tips and coaching!

Colin Finlay: Photographers in Focus Video Series

From YouTube:  Documentary photographer Colin Finlay has won the award for Picture of the Year no less than 5 times. Tirelessly documenting the human condition, from the melting icecaps, to sacred pilgrimages and genocide, Colin creates dignified images that contain a balance of force and compassion. Unique among photojournalist, Colin is able to self fund his personal documentary work with the proceeds of the commercial advertising jobs he regularly shoots for clients like Sansum, Harris Bank, and Ocean Pacific.

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