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Studio Photography At Home

Hello Everyone!  Today’s video comes from Gavin Hoey, who is giving us tips on shooting at home using a bright white background.  See how he engages his child subject!  Remember to check out for more photo business coaching.  Enjoy the video!

Watch this photographer shooting an outdoor portrait

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share this video of a photographer at work - shooting an outdoor portrait using both natural light and strobes.  I always learn something new by watching other photographers, so I wanted to share it with you.  Remember, for photography business coaching, be sure to visit, and for help with your own natural light portraits, check out  Enjoy the video, and keep reading below for more shuttermom news.

Ready to add more money to your photo business?  Fairy portrait events are fun and profitable!  I’ll show you how to do them, how to improve your fairy portraits, how to make your own props without spending a fortune, how to market and sell, and much more!  Fairy portrait magic is due for release soon, and right now you can still reserve your copy at the pre-sale price for a limited time.  Read more about Fairy Portrait Magic by clicking here, or click on the image below.  Thanks!

Top 10 Portrait Tips for Photographers

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great day.  I wanted to share another video from Erin Manning today. In this one, she gives her top ten tips on taking better portraits.  The video promotes her book, but it still has some great tips.  Remember to check out for more photography business coaching!

In other news, Fairy Portrait Magic is nearing release!  I’ll be sharing tips on lighting, photoshop, props, costumes, wings, pricing, order forms, fairy portrait events, marketing and more!  Adding fairy portrait events to your business is a great (and fun) way to make more money with your photography.  You can still reserve your copy at the pre-sale price for a limited time.  Don’t miss out!  Click on the image below for more info.

Tips on posing and directing your portriat subjects

Hello Everyone!

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to direct your subjects on how to stand, how to hold their arms, etc. during a photo shoot.  I found a very helpful video on this subject, which you can see below.  See Erin Manning teach a workshop on posing and directing portrait subjects.  Remember, when you are ready to rock your photo business, check out

In other news, Fairy Portrait Magic is nearing its release date!  You can still reserve your copy at the pre-sale price for a limited time.  Don’t miss out!

Informative Maternity Session Videos

Hello Everyone!

Do you do maternity photography?  I found these excellent videos from Ana Brandt on youtube and wanted to share.  You can see her as she works with a maternity client.

Remember, the best time to sign a client up for your baby portrait plan is right after their maternity session!  Check out my brand new Baby Portrait Plan DVD here.

Enjoy the videos!

Fairy Portrait Magic Before and After

Hello Everyone!

Fairy Portrait Magic is releasing soon, and I wanted to share a before/after pic.  Remember, you can still reserve your copy at the pre-sale price for a limited time.  Click here to read more.

Another great marketing idea for your photography business

Hello Everyone!  Hope you are all having a good weekend so far.  Need a new way to get more portrait customers?  Here is a great idea:  do a model call for a coffee-table book.  It could feature pets or cute babies.  There are many places that will publish your book (do a google search for book publishing).  Here is an article with a great example of how one photographer is doing this (she got some great free publicity, too).  Remember, your models will enjoy a free print, but more than likely they will want to purchase some extra prints or a package, too (not to mention the book once it is published).

Need even more great ideas to boost your new or existing photography business?  Go right now to to read more.  See you there!

Check out my new DVD on how to incorporate baby portrait plans into your photography biz

Fairy Portrait Makeup

Hi Everyone!  I just found this excellent video tutorial on how to apply special effects makeup for a fairy look.  She does a full step-by-step and tells you what products to use.  If you do fairy portraits, you might consider adding some makeup to your models for an extra “wow” effect!  Remember, Fairy Portrait Magic is due to be released VERY soon - and you can still get it at the “pre-sale” price for a limited time.  Don’t miss it - read more here and make more money with fairy portraits!

Enjoy the video!

Wedding Photography Tips - Great Videos

Hi Everyone! Here are some wedding photography video tips featuring famous wedding photographer Susan Stripling (I thought the third video was the most helpful for photographers). Enjoy - and be sure to check out for more photo business coaching!

How photographers can make the most of the Autumn/Winter seasons

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to share this article by Naiomi Solomon on how to make the most of the fall and winter with your portrait photography business.  You can read the full article by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy - and remember to check out for more photo business coaching!  Thanks!

Read the article here

Help with natural light portraits

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