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She’s Doing What She Loves Now…What About You?

Found this video from Fox Business News about a lady who was laid off from her “day job” and started her own photography business.  Check it out at the link below:

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Tired of carrying your camera? Check this out!

What a great idea!

A really cool idea for a photo booth!

Hi Everyone!

I came across this yesterday and wanted to share it.  Sasha Souza  sets up a truly UNIQUE photo booth at wedding receptions where guests can have their photo taken.

You can see more pics and find out how she made it here:, and remember - for more photography business and marketing ideas, visit today (I’m running a LIFETIME membership drive for a limited time - don’t miss it!)

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Twitter Tips for Photographers

Hi Everyone!  Wanted to share a new video about using Twitter for photographers.  For more info on the portrait photography business, be sure to check out

Jim Garner, Gene Higa, Lori Nordstrom, and Catherine Hall EXPOSED

Came across this interesting video today.  4 famous photographers talking about priorities in their lives.  Enjoy!

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Facebook Photography Quiz

Hi Everyone!

I just tried my hand at making a Facebook quiz.  Hopefully this link will work (you will need to log in to Facebook):

Have fun, and remember to check out and for more photo fun!

More on the power of Facebook for photographers

Hi Everyone!

Found this great video on how a photographer uses the power of Facebook to boost his wedding photography business and wanted to share it with you:

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Have a great day!

Outdoor Natural Light Portraits

Hi Everyone!

This weekend, why not go outside and practice your natural light portraits?  Hopefully it isn’t too hot where you are.  Natural light photography is still my favorite and I love the gorgeous portraits that I’m able to get outdoors.

I found a couple of really helpful videos on youtube that demonstrate some natural light portrait techniques.  You can view them by clicking on the links below:

You can see my Natural Light Project Movie here

Hope you find these videos helpful!  Be sure to check out The Natural Light Project for more information on creating beautiful natural light portraits.

Have a great weekend,

Quick Tip For Marketing Your Boudoir Photography

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe the response I’ve had to the articles and marketing guide for boudoir photography!  Seems as though many of you are wanting to get into this specialty.  With that in mind, I wanted to share a quick marketing tip for your boudoir photography business.

First, read the article by clicking the link below - then come back here for the tip:

Portraits in retro sensuality

Okay, so here is what you should do:  Contact a reporter at your local paper who specializes in pieces like the one you just read (Portraits in Retro Sensuality).  You can either give them a call or send them a press release (with a story idea).  Remember, you want to make it news-worthy and entertaining.  DO NOT simply promote your business.  WIth any luck, you’ll receive a photo credit and a mention in an article on boudoir photography in YOUR town.  You could also do this same thing with your local news TV station.

Want even more tips on marketing your boudoir photography?  Check out my marketing guide here!


The Power Of Publicity For Your Photography Business

Publicity is not conventional advertising.  Rather, it is a way to establish name recognition and credibility without spending a lot of money.  Your publicity campaign involves such things as sending out press releases, story ideas, and newsy items to the media on a regular basis.  Your blog and newsletter also serve a publicity-getting tools.

For more great ideas on how to promote your photography business through publicity, check out this article by The Power Of Publicity; Promotion Builds Potential Client Awareness

Need more marketing and business ideas and support for your photo business?  Be sure to stop by for more info.

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