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The wheels are turning

Okay, so I’ve got something BIG in the works for if I decide to go ahead with it. It is something that you can use right now (especially in April and May) to get a ton of portrait business. It won’t be for everyone and may be a little out of your comfort zone. I have much to do before I can give full details. It will be a HUGE package - bigger than anything I’ve ever undertaken. I’m SO EXCITED about the prospect of sharing it! Stay tuned.

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Want More Traffic To Your Photo Business Blog?

So, you have your photography business blog all set up, and you are regularly posting and pinging.

Now it is time to promote! Here are a few ways of getting more traffic to your photo business blog:

1. If you have a wordpress blog, you can easily add WordPress search engine optimization plugins. Check out the “All In One SEO Pack” here.

2. Use the power of article marketing to promote your blog. Submit articles to article directories such as The search engines and other publishers will pick up your articles. Be sure to include an author’s resource box that has your blog address.

3. Go viral. How? Offer a free download (a report, a coupon, etc.) Readers will pass them along to other readers, thus creating a viral campaign.

4. Remind people on your newsletter list to visit your blog…and tell them how to subscribe to it!

Note: You can subscribe to the Shuttermom Blog by clicking on the tab at the top that says “subscribe to this blog.”

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Need A Logo For Your Photography Business?

If you need a logo for your photography business, check out  This is a really cool service and you’ll have lots of designs to choose from.  Here’s how it works:

1.  You post what you want and what you are willing to pay.

2.  Designers from around the world submit a design.

3.  You choose the winning design and pay the designer what you promised.

If you don’t need a logo, you can also get design options for just about anything else (websites, business cards, etc).

If you are a designer, you can add your designs to posted projects.

Check it out at

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Offering Cards As An Add-On To Your Photography Packages

Here’s a quick idea for something to add value to your packages.  Folded photo greeting cards with a favorite image of the client.  These are great for use as birthday invitations, thank you cards (think brides), graduation announcements, birth announcements, etc.  Most labs offer them (

For more photography business marketing ideas, go to

Add an I-Pod To Your Photography Packages

Here’s a new idea that is becoming popular with photographers:  offer all of the images from a session or wedding on an iPod - engraved with names and dates - and let the client choose the color.  You can pick up the Apple iPod nano 8 GB for around $130, and easily charge anywhere from $400 and up for this add-on.  This would be a great add-on for your senior packages and weddings.  It also serves as a great advertising tool for you, since the client will be showing off the images and the iPod to friends and family!

For more photography business marketing ideas, visit

Wedding Photography Tips

You don’t need me to tell you that a wedding is a ONE TIME event…if you mess it up, there are no “do-overs.”  Imagine the nightmare of telling a bride that her images were lost or due to a mistake on your part, or having your equipment fail halfway through the event!  Keep the following tips in mind when photographing weddings:

1.  Scout your locations before the event.  By visiting the locations of the ceremony and the reception, you will get to know the lighting conditions and the layout.

2.  Hire an assistant.  I don’t recommend you shoot a wedding on your own.  It is possible, but extremely stressful.  Hopefully your assistant can be a second-shooter.  If not, at least they can help you carry equipment.

3.  ALWAYS bring plenty of memory cards (more than you think you’ll need - espcially because you should shoot everything in RAW and JPEG) and BACK UP EQUIPMENT!!!  You can’t afford to have your only camera break on the day of the wedding.

4.  Capture small details (bride’s dress, shoes, rings, flowers, cake, gift table, etc), candid moments (photojournalistic style shots) as well as posed images.

5.  Network with other hired professionals at the wedding (wedding coordinator, DJ, caterer, florists, band, etc.)  Give them your business card and take theirs.

6.  Have a list of images “not to miss.”  These are images that the couple or the parents have specifically requested.

7.  Immediately back up all of your files right after the wedding.

Price your photography the RIGHT way every time

Is it really possible?  YES.  If you are still guessing at prices for your portrait photography work, then you need a fool-proof pricing system.   One that guarantees you are pricing correctly…that you are charging what you are worth while still being fair to your client.  One that lets you figure out prices consistently  - within minutes.

Get ready, because your worries over pricing are about to be over forever.

Stay tuned.

Meet Milo

The newest addition to our household.  We love him and he is already growing like a weed.

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